Vistlip’s “Gloster Image” PV and SCREW’s teaser for “Teardrop”

Yeah!! My first opinion post! I’m excited to present everyone with one of my favorite bands: Vistlip. Their newest PV (Promotional Video) is called “Gloster Image” from their album “GLOSTER.” This video was released January 1st!! An awesome start to my New Year! Alright, well enough of my blabbing, let’s get onto my opinion about the video!

This is my second time hearing and seeing the video, because I didn’t have time to write anything in the blog until now…so…the colors in the beginning really catches you attention and I love how they all mix together before showing you a bright red room with the band and their new image. The color swirls in the middle, constantly drawing in your attention to the center: where the band is of course.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE how the single is FAST with lots of awesome drumming by Tohya. Tomo’s voice is awesome as ever. I’m a huge fan of the uniqueness of his voice. I love how its in an octave range that I can sing easily in, but he still retains this unique quality to it that’s hard to describe…anyway.

I love how they show the orchestra with the band. The violins, the cello is just epic. The guitar solo by Yuh is pretty amazing too. It’s fast an full of virtuostic qualities as usual. I also love how occassionally the song will get all “hardcore” and Tomo and the band rock it out and his voice gets edgier. Umi does his usual adorableness when its time for his close-up shots.

The camera is constantly moving around the band and there are constant flashes of light throughout the video. Sometimes I find that the flashing of light gets in the way of watching the boys play (especially the orange and yellow lights), but I find that the purple light is okay. I don’t mind how when the camera is panning around from a distance the lights are flashing, but when they are doing more full shots its quite bothersome.

All in all, the song is EPIC and the video is just as epic and definitely does the song justice.I love Tomo’s hair when its darker as opposed to blond. I’m not a fan of bleach blond hair on Tomo for some reason. I also love Tohya’s new hair, purplish color. It suits him really nicely. Yuh…well, anything suits that guy. The same goes for Rui, he is able to pull off any look, especially with those awesome geeky yet smexy glasses he wears and rocks out in.

I have the album in my possession FINALLY. I’m so so so impressed with the album. There’s a bit of everything for everyone. They have fast, edgier songs as well as more ballad type songs, especially “Yoru,” which is one of my favorite tracks from the album.

If you liked the PV and want to know more about Vistlip, feel free to ask me!! I’ve been a fan of theirs since they released “Ozone” in 2009. They formed in 2007 and their first release was in September of 2008. When I first heard Ozone I immediately fell in love with Tomo’s voice. It is original and he possess a kind of power and innocence to his voice that automatically drew me in. I remember thinking “I could definitely live with hearing that voice sing to me on a daily basis.” HAHA. For the past four years I have been listening to Vistlip, so technically, that voice has been singing in my ears on a daily basis. Too bad it’s not actually TO me. Haha. Okay, okay. He’s not the most handsome guy out there, but he has full lips and a lip piercing, plus adorable cheeks and that amazing and unmistakable voice. <3.

I’m not one of those “fan girls” that listens to a band’s music ONLY because they are good looking. To be honest, I’m not attracted to anyone in the band. I’m just in love with Tomo’s voice. Whenever I’m depressed all I have to do is just listen to one of their songs and I instantly feel better. This is the power of Vistlip’s music and especially lyrics, not to mention Tomo’s voice. I can’t explain what it is about Tomo’s voice, but just hearing him sing is the best therapy ever. xD.

Right. Onto the next PV, which is actually only a teaser…one of my other favorite bands is SCREW.

I don’t even know where to start with this one…I’m a fan of band’s that have diversity in their music and aren’t afraid to do more “ballad” type songs. SCREW is another one of those bands that does so with amazing talent. I instantly fell in love with Byou’s voice once the teaser began, I love how everything is dark and in shades of blue, like everything is frozen. I also LOVE the snowflakes in the video. It just adds to the beauty of the song, especially the speed at which the flakes are falling. It’s almost magical. It’s not often that I’m REALLY swayed by ballads, but “Teardrop” encompasses the qualities that are needed in order to sway me. Not only is the teaser stunning in its camera angles, but the colors, the textures, the SNOWFLAKES. OMG.

I’m impatiently waiting for the album and the full version of the PV so I can write more about it…anyone else notice Byou’s eyes? He’s worn contacts of all sorts of colors before, but the lighting in this PV makes them pop out a lot more and makes them appear even bigger than I last remembered. Byou has beautiful eyes!

Like Vistlip’s singer, Tomo, I was also instantly drawn to Byou’s masculine and powerful voice. The first song I heard (and PV I saw) was “Wailing Wall.” I was instantly drawn into the beat of the song, especially the guitars. I was also drawn into Byou’s voice…I have to admit something now. The Gazette is my FAVORITE band of all time, but I prefer Byou’s voice over Ruki’s. There are a lot of people that keep comparing Byou to Ruki. While it’s true that they sort of “appear” similar (the hair in Wailing Wall is somewhat similar to Ruki’s style). That’s where the comparison ends. Their voices are totally different. To be honest, I find Byou more attractive than Ruki, but that’s my own biased opinion. xD

Plus….I love Kazuki. He is the lead guitarist of SCREW. He’s the one with the double lip piercings and eye brow piercing. His guitar skill is even better than Yuh’s (Vistlip), but can never compare to the solos of Uruha and especially Aoi (The Gazette). Again, that’s just my biased opinion!!

SCREW formed in 2006 and their first single was released in June. I “discovered” them in 2008, along with Vistlip and a bunch of other bands I love. Honestly, I don’t know why it took me so long to discover SCREW or Vistlip…oh well, at least I have them now :). “Wailing Wall” is also the second song I learned how to play on my electric guitar!! So SCREW holds a special place in my heart like Aoi (The Gazette: the reason why I wanted to play ELECTRIC guitar and the reason why I bought an electric guitar even though I’m forking out thousands of dollars for my University education from my own pocket!!). Thanks Aoi. ;).

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