Pure Love: Kanetani Leon’s Route

Leon Kanetani Pure Love Route:

Sorry about the lack of screenshots, I honestly only figured out how to do them AFTER I finished Leon’s route…Anyway, I know walkthroughs are pretty popular so I’ll give you the answers that I used. I’m not sure if there are two happy endings, like most otome games. There’s normally a normal end and a happy ending, when I finished it said that I had achieved a “happy” ending…so I’m assuming it was the best ending. However, the ending didn’t actually seem that “great” to me, it just seemed like a kind of “normalish” ending. Now I’m curious if there’s a BETTER ending!! If anyone gets a really good ending leave a comment for me! I don’t want to give any spoilers up here, so I’ll let you know what ending I got near the end of this post!

Here are the options I chose:

Wait, but…
A cruel expression
Pair up with Leon
Try to trust him
Force an answer


Rating /10:

CG wise: 6.5
Story line: 5
Length of time to complete route (free version): 7  (you have to wait 24 hours before you gain enough hearts to move forward in the story. Since I’m working on my last semester of my Bachelor’s Degree, I find this system perfect as it allows me to take a five-ten minute break from studying!)
Music: 0  there was no MUSIC!!!!!!!!! GAH!!!!!

Out of 30…Leon’s route gets an 18/30. It was okay, but not enough to keep me captivated or induce me to play again. If you want a game where the CGs are 10, storyline is 10, and length of time is 10, I suggest playing Hakuouki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. Hakuouki Shinsengumi that is…yes, the anime is also an otome game and so far I’ve only played Saito’s route because he is my FAVORITE bishie EVER. Anyway, that’s just my two cents.


This is my opinion about the game and the storyline.

I normally am drawn to the “cool” or tsundere-type characters, but somehow I was drawn in by Leon. Probably because he has blue eyes and I’m a sucker for baby blues. Anyway! During Leon’s route I was surprised that one of the first things he does when meeting the heroine is KISSES her. I understand that they are a famous boy band in Japan and all, but apparently (from what I have read) the other characters also start off on the same route: kiss at first meet. It’s just kind of…repetitive and I personally find that same starting point to be incredibly boring if all of them start out like that.

I digress…Leon is a very sweet, compassionate and kind-hearted character, however there are times that I found he borders on the cliched version of prince charming. He knows all the right things to say to the heroine and all the right things to do, he is shy, but he shows some aggression with his words by asking to pair up with the heroine during one of the photo shoots (or was it music video?) where he is supposed to kiss someone. He reminds me of the “lost puppy” and due to my own experience in relationships, I seriously despise this type. However, despite this lost puppy, I did find myself liking Leon at times and even found myself gushing over some of the things that he did and said, though not often. However, if you like the sweet guys that are loyal, shy, “lost puppy”-like, then Leon is definitely your charming young man. 

I also downloaded this game on my IPod, so I can save my phone’s battery. The route I have started is Aida Hiroki, and the route I will start eventually on my phone will be Fujita Masaki. There’s also a chance that I may play Fujita Kanata as well, depending on how the story line is for Aida. So look forward to posts.

Ending SPOILER…….

My ending with Kanetani Leon was that Pureness and the heroine went to a restaurant, then later that night Leon gave me a moonstone ring and we basically lived happily ever after. This ending just seemed really “normal” and even boring to me, so that’s why I am curious if there’s another ending out there that is better!

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