Vistlip’s PV Chimera

I apologize for the delay with my posts, but seeing as last month I had midterm after midterm after midterm, there was no way I had any time to post anything! Final exams are coming up, but I find myself with a little bit more free time seeing as I only have three finals to worry about. So onto one of my favorite Visual Kei band’s PVs: Chimera by Vistlip!

I have noticed that it seems to be increasingly popular to have Caucasian people in videos and I’m wondering why this is. The piano starts off with the gentle sound of the guitar accompanying, we see a woman with her eyes closed outside and a few shots of a scorpion crawling around at her feet. Then we see a medium length shot of Tomo singing, Tohya in the background among a bunch of colorful flowers. Tomo’s voice is as beautiful as ever, he definitely has unforgettable and mesmerizing vocals. The range that he has with his voice in incredible!

The rest of the band kicks in and we see that there are in a room FULL of flowers. Throughout the video, the only thing I could think was how awesome it would have been if they had green screened the backgound to look like they were outside somewhere beautiful, like a meadow or mountain side or something rather than the dull background of the wall. I think that the grey scenery that the woman is in compared to the band (if they had used the green screen) would be a good contrast the light with the dark. However, that’s just me. 

Umi has some vocals in this song and gets some more screen time in compared to other PVs, which is good because I think he deserves more coverage than he normally gets. I’ve noticed that Yuh, because he is the lead guitarist will get a lot of coverage as well as Tohya and Rui and especially Tomo, but Umi seems to almost always get lost in the background. Or maybe that’s just me, I tend to notice some of the smallest and most insignificant details sometimes. However, I think that Umi fans would beg to differ about it being “insignificant.” I’m sure they would LOVE more coverage of Umi. 

Although the song is slower than I originally anticipated, I am drawn in by Tomo’s vocals and the lyrics. Oh, how I love Vistlip. They are one of the few bands that every time they come out with a new single I have never been disappointed. Every song on their albums I listen to once and fall in love with it and the more I hear the song, the more I find other aspects of it that cause me to fall in love with it even further. The more I listen to Chimera, the more I fall in love with Umi’s vocals and the more I love the guitar solo, it just adds to the beauty of the song. 

On a side note, every PV I’m always checking out the color of Tomo’s nails. I find it fascinating to see what color they are in every video. This time they seem to be a lavender with a pink hue to them…see what I mean? I notice the most insignificant things!

Anyway…I love Vistlip and I love this single, Chimera!

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