Another sad day in the Visual Kei world…

oz-_163Fellow Visual Kei lovers, fellow OZ lovers, it is with great regret that I announce that OZ will be disbanding after their “LAST CRY” tour. The tour kicks off in May and will finish in June, where the band will perform their last live together. I could hardly believe the news when I heard it. I first heard “FILMY” and fell in love with Natsuki’s unusual voice, I then heard “DETOX” and I fell in love with the band even more. I believe I first heard about them in 2009, which only gave me three great years listening to their awesome music.

I am not quite sure why OZ has decided to disband after 8 1/2 years, but all I can do is hope for the best in their future projects and support them! This is my second time witnessing one of my favorite bands disbanding, the other band I really liked was Deluhi!

Thanks OZ, for blessing us with amazing talent and music and you will live on in our hearts and ears <3 <3.

This is OZ’s last PV released last year:

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