Dedication to Vistlip


Another band that I really love and admire is Vistlip, which I have mentioned before in earlier posts. I’ve liked them since the release of Ozone, so that’s about four years of knowing about them. I remember when I first heard the song I liked the catchy opening melody, but when I heard Tomo sing, my eyes opened wide with shock. His looks deceived me. I was expecting a rougher voice, not one as high ranged as his. However, it wasn’t a bad thing, because I instantly fell in love with his vocals. There was something about his voice that was unique. It was gentle, unique, powerful, and there was something else about it that I couldn’t place my finger on at the time. However, I have finally noted what it is, I’ll mention it later in this post.


I remember when the chorus came and I heard more of the range of Tomo’s voice, thinking that I could listen to him sing for hours and that he had an amazing voice. Like I said, I was and am honestly in LOVE with just his voice. I’m never interested in which member of a band is hot or if they are all hot, I don’t really care. I love music that makes me FEEL something. Ozone made me feel a sense of unity and happiness, I found myself tapping my foot to the beat of the song. I couldn’t help it, the song was so addicting. It still is! I started collecting all their earlier songs and from then on, I continue to collect all their albums when they release them.

I will admit, when I was driving to University my first two years, I was listening to Vistlip on the way to school since they had a couple of songs that I really liked listening to like “Moon Light Snow Rabbits” and “Classic Opera” to name a couple. However, it wasn’t until November last year that I played one of my old CDs in my car and heard a song that I had totally forgotten about: “Neiro Melody Line.” The opening melody with the piano is absolutely beautiful and peaceful. Heck, the entire song is incredibly beautiful! I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten about this song! I listened to it over and over again and after the next couple of releases by Vistlip “Recipe” and “Order Made” I became even more enthralled with their music. The Gazette was always my number one band, but after hearing “Neiro” again and re-listening to a lot of Vistlip songs that I had once forgotten about as well as their newer releases, I found myself listening to Vistlip a lot.

In fact, while school was becoming incredibly stressful I found myself listening to certain Vistlip songs over and over again, which I will name only a few of them since there are so many. “Neiro,” “Oto no Kakera” “Classic Opera,” “Ashita Haretara,” “Strawberry Butterfly,” “Order Made,” “Recipe,” “Ozone,” “Evil Rider,” “B,” and “Little Fabre.” There are honestly about 40 of their songs that I was actually listening to on repeat.

It was my last year in University and I found that I was getting incredibly stressed out. I would listen to my IPod and flick through a couple of Vistlip songs, but I soon realized that I was listening to the same ones over and over again, not realizing why or which songs they were. I went by the sound, since, at the time, I wasn’t paying attention to what the song names were. I would take a break from studying and listen to a few songs, I listened to their music on my way to and from University. I also listened to their songs before I went to sleep, without really understanding why I did.

It wasn’t until after my final exams on Monday night that I went through my playlist and realized that I had been listening to certain songs repeatedly or the effect that they were actually having on me. Why did I turn to only Vistlip songs during my most stressful year at University? It’s a really simple answer, but one that I couldn’t have answered if you asked me a week ago. The songs that I had chosen to listen to weren’t aggressive, but they possessed a gentle melody and Tomo’s voice was always gentle throughout. It’s not just the songs themselves that had an incredible effect on me, the melodies caused me to become instantly happier and forget about my stress, but it was also Tomo’s voice. The moment Tomo started singing and the sound of his voice entered my ears, it was as if he melted all the tension away. If my muscles, my mind, my heart had been an ice cube, numb from all the studying, the music allowed me to smile, but Tomo’s voice was the warmth needed to melt the ice cube.

This is what I mentioned earlier, the other part of his voice that I couldn’t put my finger on. Tomo’s voice, to me, has this aura of warmth about it. It’ not as emotional as Ruki’s but the pitch of his voice, the power of his voice mixed with the melodies of the lyrics, and the instruments combined has an incredible soothing ability. Vistlip has become my way of relieving tension throughout my last year of University without going completely insane or getting depressed. Normally during midterms and finals I get really stressed and depressed, but thanks to Vistlip’s music, I was able to stay happy, relaxed, and know that I could do it.

A newer song is “Chimera” and “inc.” When I first heard “inc.” after my exam on Monday as I went back home. I realized what Vistlip and Tomo’s voice was doing to me. It was as if the music starts playing and it relaxes me, but when Tomo starts singing, that’s when the real magic happened. I felt a sense of freedom, like I was standing in a huge field full of beautiful flowers, the mountains in the background and smelling the fresh air (the band). I could feel the warm sunshine on my face (Tomo’s voice) as I outstretched my arms, embracing the freedom, the serenity, the beauty that I felt inside of me. That is the best way I can describe Vistlip and because of this, Vistlip has worked their way up to also becoming my favorite band.

If you are interested in listening to all the songs that I have mentioned, or want to hear the songs that I listened to in order to cheer myself up, destress, etc., here’s the playlist link for the songs I listened to. Enjoy!

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