Vistlip’s Chimera (lipper) arrived!!


Two weeks after ordering CHIMERA lipper, it finally arrived. Not bad timing, actually. I was really surprised to find a photo card inside. When I first opened the package, I saw the feet first and I was silently praying “PLEASE BE TOMO! PLEASE BE TOMO” and to my surprise, it was Tomo! I flipped it over and was surprised yet again. I was not expecting the card to be signed, since I thought those only came with first press releases. However, I was given four awesome surprises. 1) arrived earlier than expected 2) the photo card was Tomo 3) The card was SIGNED 4) System Down is amazingly EPIC. That’s really all I have to say about that! I’m a total geek, I know. Actually, this is the first Japanese album that I have ever bought. I always thought I would have bought a the Gazette album first, but surprisingly, here I am with my Vistlip CD! Ah well. As soon as I find a job, I will start buying their CDs from now on since I’ll have the money to buy them. Hopefully one day I’ll also be able to see The Gazette and Vistlip live in concert!

I’m SO excited for Vistlip’s album Chronus to come out in July as well as their new PV!

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