Tomo’s New Hair

These posts are a couple days old, but I just saw them on my twitpic feed and decided to show them online, in case some fans don’t have Twitter. I had twitter in 2010, but deleted it after a month since I never used it. I didn’t get twitter again until earlier this year I believe and immediately started following Vistlip! So, in case you don’t know (or even if you do know) Vistlip is set to release their next FULL album July 3rd and it’s called Chronus! I’m SO excited for a full album since I am still in LOVE with Order Made and I’m even more impressed with Chimera. Anyway, Tomo posted his new look (this was probably for the PV of their single off the album):



The next couple of posts were of them in the recording studio (if I read the tweets correctly! My Japanese is still not that good and I still have trouble with kanji).



If I read the caption of the tweet for this photo correctly, it says that Tohya has stuff scattered all over the table. LOL. Looks like Tohya is hard at work on one of their songs. Not sure if he’s looking at the drum part of a song or something else entirely…

The next photo is of Tomo’s cans…apparently he has been collecting the cans that he’s been drinking and has declared himself the king of empty cans, hence the pictures:

kingofemptycans2 kingofemptycans

I thought it was interesting to see the photo from the recording studio, since I happened to write those parts in my story yesterday. I was doing research of behind the scenes of The Gazette and Vistlip’s concerts. I also wrote some recording session stuff in the story and sort of envisioned it looking like this, but without it being so cluttered. HAHA. I would LOVE to translate all the posts of Tomo, Yuh, Tohya, Rui, and Umi, but they seem to post a lot throughout the day, especially Tomo, so it would take me FOREVER to translate everything. So, I decided to share a couple of posts that I thought were interesting or amusing. As long as I think I have translated them properly of course…stay tuned for more!

I also want to share another picture that Tomo posted on his Twitter account, which I thought was really adorable…

By the way, since I’m so in love with Tomo’s voice, I decided to base my character Fumi’s voice (whose also in a visual kei band) on Tomo’s voice. Fumi is actually LOOSELY based on Ruki, the lead singer of The Gazette. I was inspired by a couple of interviews of Ruki’s where he talked about his “dream girl.” Anyway, pointless rambling about my story! Enjoy the pictures!cutetomo



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