Visual Kei Band Purple Stone

I can’t believe I never mentioned this band before! Fuma, the bass player found me on Twitter back in March and I couldn’t find their music online anywhere, so I waited patiently. Finally, someone uploaded one of their songs and when I heard it I was literally blown away. Purple Stone is INCREDIBLE, not only that but Fuma is the sweetest guy ever. He not only is building up their fan base by finding people in the similar lists of Twitter, but he takes the time to reply to messages even though he’s probably a busy guy. To add to that, Fuma also does Twitcasting and interacts with his fans. Fuma also keeps a blog and I’ve read through three posts. My Japanese is nowhere near where I want it to be, but I’ve taken the time to translate two of his blog posts, and I’m thinking of making a Facebook page for English speaking Purple Stone fans. That’s how incredible I think this band is and the fact that Fuma takes the time to show his fans some loving also adds to it.

The icing on the cake is that Fuma LOVES his cat, Dora and isn’t afraid to admit it. What a great guy, ne? I’m trying hard to promote this band to a lot of my friends here in Canada. I also want to help promote the band to other English speaking countries if I can to help build their fan base. Don’t ask me why, I just really like helping people out!

If you like what you have heard here, then please, add them on Twitter and facebook, etc.

Update** I DID make a Facebook page after all 😀

Unofficial Facebook
Official website




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