Review on Golden Time

golden time

I was recently introduced to an anime called “Golden Time.” I love romance animes and this was definitely one of those animes that brought a lot of emotion into it. It’s funny, it’s entertaining, it makes you want to cry, and gives you the warm fuzzies. I started watching this anime without really reading about it, but basically it’s about a boy, Banri, who is entering a law school and lost his memories upon graduating from high school. Tokyo is where he runs into his first new friend Mitsuo, who in turn allows Banri to meet Koko Kaga, a beautiful young woman who catches everyone’s attention every where she goes.

The story continues to unfold, bringing Koko, Banri, Linda, Mitsuo, and others into a circle of friendship and love. How the story ends is unknown as there is still one more episode left, which airs this Friday. I’m hoping that this series doesn’t end similar to how Zettai Kareshi (the drama) ended…

For those of you who are still somewhat undecided about this show, I’ll leave you with a funny clip of Mistuo describing Koko to Banri:

And here’s the opening, if you’re like me and would rather check out the opening than read the synopsis:

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