Sakura Daisuki’s 1st Year Online!



Good-times-and-good-laugh-night-smile-happy-fireworks-scarf-joy-laughing-laugh-celebration_22a60I just realized today that this blog, Sakura Daisuki, has been open for a year! January 6th was when I created this blog, but January 16th was when I made my first official post. So, in celebration of being a year old, I am sharing a nice picture that I found on Google! That, and I will do my best to not neglect my blogs anymore. I realize that the last time I wrote was in September, after moving back home and becoming busy with a new job that I have long since quit, and starting CELTA. However, now that things are finally settling down, I can finally continue writing freely and whenever my creative juices are flowing, which seems to happen more during spring. Think of it as a hibernation! I know I don’t have that many followers, but last year in the summer I gained more hits than I ever thought possible! I’m hoping that this year will be the same, if not better, plus gaining more followers! 🙂

Thanks for all the support everyone has given me in writing this blog: my friends and everyone who has visited this page. Without your support, I probably wouldn’t have made three blogs, let alone ANY. Thanks again everyone! I am looking forward to another great year with you guys!


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