Suits Season 1 Review


A few weeks ago I started watching the drama called Suits. I read the synopsis of the show and the pilot episode seemed intriguing, so I watched the first episode. As soon as it ended, I was already watching the second, the third, the fourth. Needless to say, I’m already halfway through season 2. If you haven’t already read the synopsis of this show, I will summarize the pilot episode: Mike Ross is a man that is exceptionally gifted with a mind that remembers everything he reads. He gets by in life by using his abilities to write the bar exams for law students who have trouble taking the exams. Mike’s best friend Trevor asks him for a favor to deliver a briefcase full of pot to someone in a hotel, unknowingly setting Mike up. Meanwhile, Harvey Specter, the top closer of the law firm known as Pearson Hardman, is holding interviews for a first year associate. Mike, who doesn’t know that he has been set up, takes the briefcase to the hotel where he realizes that this whole thing was a set up. He makes a getaway and ends up running into Harvey’s secretary just as she calls for the next prospective associate. Mike goes into the office where the briefcase of pot spills open onto the floor, right in front of Harvey Specter.

What happens next sets the story up for the following episodes in Season 1. I couldn’t believe how easily I was sucked into this drama, it’s funny, it’s full of emotion and you can easily connect with the characters, you easily like and hate the appropriate people thanks to the writers and the superb acting of the cast. Not to mention, you get to see some fabulous wardrobe choices of Jessica Pearson, the co-founder and managing partner of Pearson Hardman, as well as the wardrobe of the beautiful paralegal, Rachel Zane. And if you are hoping for some romance, even if only a little, this show also has some romance. Also, I am pretty sure that there are a few episodes where Jessica is wearing Louboutins. I’ve never really been a fan of having tons of shoes, but ever since I became an ESL teacher, I have a desire to find “professional” and “classy” shoes, and those red bottoms, well, there’s something that scream “class” about those. Too bad I can never actually afford them!

Something I must share with you is how much I dislike Jenny. I warn you, that if you haven’t watched/finished Season 1 yet, the next few paragraphs will contain an indirect spoiler. The spoiler is underneath the trailer.


*spoiler alert*


Perhaps it’s the fact that she’s basically the “best-friend’s-leftovers,” which is something that I am highly against. Alright, you got me, this dislike for Jenny is quite possibly biased for good reason, which happened to me more than once in real life where my “best friend” dated my boyfriend after me, and another time when my “boyfriend” cheated on me with my “best friend” therefore, the term “left overs” seems appropriate to me. Yes, my opinion is biased and highly subjective, but before you judge my bias, don’t forget that any review about tv shows, products, music, etc. is all just that; subjective. Enough about Jenny, you all now know how much I dislike her and why I dislike her. Not to mention that there is no chemistry between her and the object of her affection, it just seems fake, frivolous. I’m not saying that the actress can’t act, I’m just saying that the character “Jenny” is who I dislike because there seems to be no real chemistry between her and the man she likes, plus the only thing that they had in common was a person. Other than that, they were living two separate lives…

*end spoiler*

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