Romeo and Juliet (2013)


I finally watched Romeo and Juliet (2013). Of course, as always with adaptations, I have high expectations. The way that their first meeting was portrayed I will admit that I found it a bit cheesy. At least in the 1996 version with Claire Danes and Leonardo DiCaprio there was more magic when they met, at least, that was my feeling.

The acting for Romeo and Juliet was okay for the most part, except during the balcony scene where Juliet clearly feigns surprise. I’m not sure if it their emotions were sometimes purposefully supposed to be theatrical or not, but they did seem a bit “feigned.” The fight scene with Tybalt was good, but in the end, the fight with Paris seemed rather sloppy, clumsy, and slow. Perhaps it was meant to show that Romeo really wasn’t in the “mood” to fight because of the grief that he was overcome with after finding out that Juliet was “dead.” Either way, it did look slow and clumsy.

Lastly, the parts that I LOVED the most were the last two scenes at the end of the movie. Romeo and Juliet is a classic tragedy about the love of two people and I feel that the last two scenes were remarkably beautiful and they brought tears to my eyes. I love the final shot of Juliet and Romeo together as they were discovered by the Friar Laurence and the Guard, it was breathtakingly beautiful and captured the emotion that I was really longing and looking for this entire movie.

This next part might contain a spoiler, plus I’m including images from the movie that I loved. Click “continue” to read the rest of my review. 





The other scene that I really loved was when the bodies were lying side by side, as tradition, with their hands clasped under their rib cage. Benvolio walked up and pulled away one of their hands, lying it in the space between their bodies and placing their hands together so that it looked like they were holding hands. That was the last scene of the movie and it was truly beautiful.

death of romeo and juliet



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