Anonymous 2011


I love Shakespeare, but I did not know about this movie until last month when I was talking to one of my students about Shakespeare. He mentioned how he watched a movie about “Shakespeare being a fraud.” Curiosity got the better of me, and because I caught up on all my dramas and animes, I had time to watch some movies. Today, I watch Anonymous, and I must say, despite the fact that the movie is based on facts, fiction, and speculation, it was phenomenal.

The opening is in what looks like modern day New York, or possibly Manhattan and a man starts off by introducing the topic of Shakespeare not writing a word of any of “his works,” but someone else. The actors are hiding off stage, preparing for their entrance, and the moment that Ben Jonson walks onto the stage the scene shifts and transports the audience to the mid 15th century. From the moment this scene unfolded I was captivated, I couldn’t stop watching and I forgot about everything else around me. It wasn’t until the very ending of the movie that I was brought back to reality.

Although the movie seems far fetched, in my opinion, about Shakespeare not actually writing anything, it was beautifully written, directed, and acted. Any time there was a performance at the theater house or in court, I was mesmerized by the actors and their performance of Shakespeare’s plays. The words seemed to have a life of their own, drawing me in even further into the movie. It was astounding, beautiful, captivating, mesmerizing; in fact, it’s hard to write any words that do it justice. I was so impressed with the movie that I couldn’t even formulate the appropriate words in my head to write this review! I still don’t think I have the appropriate words, but here there are nonetheless.

If you love Shakespeare, if you like to think outside the box and speculate, then I definitely recommend this movie. I hope you love it as much as I did!

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