47 Ronin



Finally watched 47 Ronin. I was reluctant to watch the movie because Hollywood has taken some of my favorite stories and totally butchered them to pieces so that they are almost unrecognizable sloppy messes. I had wanted to watch this movie so much that I couldn’t help myself today. The effects were amazing and the fight scenes were okay, they kept some of the story intact, but because they included a fantastical element to the story, the majority of it was blown way out of proportion. I wish that Hollywood had either kept it more traditional (similar to The Last Samurai), than smashed a well known and beloved true story with fantasy. I was pretty disappointed with how the movie turned out solely because of what happened to the story of the ronin, other than that, it was alright. Although, I am not a fan of Keanu Reeves in this movie, and they could have picked someone much better for the role of Kai, but it was nice to see that despite being left-handed, Keanu wielded the katana with the right handed stance and grip. At least SOME things were kept traditional.

Nonetheless, if you are looking for a movie with mixed elements then this is probably the movie for you. There are quite a few action-packed scenes, and one scene in particular with a dragon was pretty amazing. The way they animated the material of the dress throughout the movie actually amazed me quite a bit, especially during the last battle scene with Kai (Keanu), defending Asano’s daughter, Mika.

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