Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou

bokura wa minna kawaisou


I started watching this anime called Bokura wa Minna Kawaisou a while ago, I’m extremely behind in posts because work was keeping me busy. This anime is about a boy Kazunari, who moves into a complex consisting of the landlady, three girls, and one other male. The main girl is Ritsu, whose family actually owns the complex called Kawai Complex, Ritsu always has her nose in a book and she barely talks to anyone. This complex is a bit strange, the males and females have their own areas, but in the female section there are a multitude of hidden weapons for the girls to use in case any of the boys enter their domain. In the first episode Ristu pulls out the shinai in one hand, book in the other. The other characters are a bit strange with their own problems like Shirosaki, who has a love of 18 year old girls even though he is much older and who is a masochist. Mayumi, who has dated plenty of men only to have them walk all over her, she’s nearly 30 and still has no prospects of a good boyfriend. Then there’s Sayaka, a “cutesy” young girl who makes boys fall in love with her easily and then rips their hearts out and plays innocent about it. Personally, I hate Sayaka’s character and her voice annoys me to no end, but other than her, this show is full of sexual innuendos and is incredibly perverted in its humor. I find this anime to be hilarious and I am always laughing a lot in each episode.

I think another reason why I like it is because I can relate a lot to Ritsu, her quiet side and always preferring to read rather than socialize, but also her fun loving side and her humor. I also can connect with Mayumi with the bad boyfriends and everyone thinking that she’s hopeless when it comes to love. Also, the innuendos and and perverted humor is the same kind of humor that my friends and I have, so, of course I love this kind of humor.

Another thing that I really like about this anime is the way the characters are drawn as well as the colors that they use. In all the animes that I have watched, I have never been as mesmerized by the colors as I have in this one. The pinks, the purples, the oranges, all the hues that are used astound me. There’s just something about the vibrancy of the colors that draws me in and somehow brings the anime to life. Please check out the trailer below the picture if this anime and my description has piqued your interest.



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