Isshuukan Friends



This is another anime that I am watching that I really enjoy watching. It’s not a comedy like the previous animes I wrote about, but it has lots of emotion in it. The plot is basically about a girl, Kaori Fujimiya, who never talks to anyone in class unless she needs to, she never smiles, and never laughs. One student, Yuuki Hase always sees her and despite her cold exterior, wants to be her friend. He tries desperately to be her friend, only to get shot down. However, he tries again and again, and eventually, Kaori caves and accepts. Yuuki then learns that the reason why Kaori doesn’t talk to anyone is because she loses her memory every week, but only of her friends. Despite this, Yuuki still asks her to be friends every week and together they come up with ways to help her memory.

I find this anime really sweet and touching. There are times that I want to cry because I feel bad for Yuuki and Kaori, but there are times that this anime just makes me feel really happy. It’s fluff stuff, but it’s a feel good anime. That’s why I like it. It’s pure, it’s innocent, and I really like Kaori’s character. She’s so sweet, shy, and genuine.

The trailer is in Japanese and doesn’t have any subs, but Yuuki basically says everything I wrote about. “Somehow I want to be her friend.”

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