Nisekoi is another anime that I have been watching. I really like it! The story follows Raku Ichijo, the son of a yakuza (gangster), who made a promise 10 years ago to a girl that he would marry her. They exchanged gifts, his was the locket while the girl took the key. Raku tries to find the girl that he made the promise to, and assumes and hopes that it is the girl that he has a crush on, Kosaki Onodera. Things get complicated when a half-American half-Japanese girl with blond hair transfers to their school and they start off by fighting. Chitoge and Raku absolutely despise each other and can’t help themselves but always fight every time they see each other. Things between the American gangsters and the yakuza heat up, so Raku’s father persuades, or rather, coerces, Raku to date the gangsters daughter. Now that he is “dating” the gangsters daughter, things become even more complicated as the plot thickens and takes some twists and turns. Who is the girl that he made the promise to ten years ago? And who does Raku’s heart really yearn for?

I find this anime highly entertaining, it’s funny even though it’s unbelievable in some circumstances, yet there’s also the right amount of emotion in the characters and there is character depth. I have heard that the anime and the manga are completely different though, especially since SHAFT was the one producing Nisekoi. They have been known to completely change things around, much to the horror of the manga fans. However, as I don’t read manga, it doesn’t matter as much to me as long as there is a good plot, good characters, and humor involved.

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