Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii



The World is Still Beautiful. I really like this anime a lot, the first episode I wasn’t impressed with and actually found it quite boring to be completely honest. I always like to give anime a few more episodes before I decide whether or not I’m going to continue watching it. The second episode was a bit better, and from the third episode on, it improved quite a bit and exceeded my expectations.

Nike is the 4th princess of the Rain kingdom and she has the power to call the rain whenever she pleases. Her father informs her that she must travel to the Sun Kingdom where she will marry the Sun King, Livius. She meets the King and is surprised at how young he is, especially since she is a few years older than him, not to mention, taller than him. She discovers that the King is cold and heartless and she feels sorry for him, yet hates him at the same time. However, as time goes on, they both discover things about each other and start to care for each other.

I am not a fan of Nike’s voice when she talks, however, I really like the song that she sings to call the rain. Somehow, every time I hear it, my eyes tear up. I don’t even know why, but it could be the emotions in the show were priming me for the song to make it feel more “magical.” If it wasn’t because the show got better plot wise, I probably would have stopped watching it because of Nike’s voice. It honestly grates on my nerves sometimes, but other than that, I enjoy the anime and the way the plot has moved forward since the first three episodes. (Especially since I found the first two completely lacking).

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