Les Mills Combat: Ultimate Warrior


I got this a few months ago, but since my job kept me so busy that I hardly had time to sleep, I obviously didn’t have time for this. I had the week off, so I started biking and then Thursday I started Day 1 with Combat  30. Combat 30 is a 30 minute workout that is jam packed with mixed martial arts moves from punches, kicks, and core work. Four years ago I went to the gym where Body Combat classes were offered. I remember the very first time I experienced that class, I loved it and kept going back. I ended my gym membership and started running instead and doing other things, when I felt bored with the same routine, I would go to a Body Combat class. The nice thing about Combat 30 is that, if you are familiar with Body Combat, it’s easy to keep up with their combos as soon as Rachael or Dan mentions what’s coming next. The music is always upbeat and keeps you moving, Rachael and Dan also do a great job of keeping you motivated to continue and push yourself to your limit.

When I was finished the 30 minute workout, I was drenched with sweat. After running 5 km, I was never quite that sweaty compared to Combat 30. It’s definitely a cardio filled program that keeps your heart rate up and helps you tone and define ALL parts of your body. The next day my arms, my shoulders, my upper back, and my abs were definitely sore.



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