Eggnog Tea


For Christmas, David’s Tea brought out a tea called “Eggnog.” I went to the store yesterday and picked some up. I admit, at first I was really reluctant to try it only because an eggnog tea sounded really disgusting. I only bought enough for one cup and as soon as I poured the water in, the white chocolate chips started to melt and the savory aroma drifted towards me, enveloping me in eggnog-goodness.

Now for the real test, the taste test. I did add a bit of sugar and milk to it, but it DOES actually taste like eggnog. Surprisingly, it’s not strong but the hint of flavor is enough to satisfy me without adding all the cholesterol, fat, and carbs that REAL eggnog gives you. It’s creamy, has a yellowish/whitish tinge to it and actually tastes GOOD.

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