My Favorite Green Teas (So Far)

My journey to find delicious teas from DavidsTea continues. I finally finished all the teas I bought on the 7th of this month and now I can write about my favorite teas from that large selection.

matcha matsu

The first green tea I tried and the first tea I ever tried from DavidsTea was matcha matsu. It is absolutely delicious, it’s rich and smooth and very green. Since it’s a powder, you do need to whisk it. I highly recommend buying the bamboo whisk to properly (and traditionally) whisk the green tea so that it’s frothy. This tea is great and you can make delicious matcha green tea lattes with it.


Since I LOVE green tea, especially from Japan, I also tried Genmaicha. This genmaicha is different because it not only has green tea in it, but it contains roasted brown rice and some of them are popped and look like little pieces of popcorn. Either way, this tea did not let me down. It smelled just as delicious as it tasted. I love love love this tea! It has a bit of a sweet flavor to it but it is also smooth. The brown rice definitely adds flavor!sencha ashikubo

The next tea is sencha ashikubo, also from Japan. Described as “buttery, vegetal and nutty flavor.” I’m not sure why they used “buttery” but this tea is definitely good! To me, it tastes like green tea, but much better than the teas that Tetley or any other brand name gives you. It’s the REAL deal and all the green teas that DavidsTea carries are actually imported from certain countries. I find that it has a rich flavor, and of course, depending on how long you steep it, it can either be strong or just right. I usually steep my green teas for about 2-3 minutes and taste it to decide whether to steep it longer or not.

kokomo green


I also tried Kokomo Green! It is VERY VERY delicious! It is a flavored green tea, mind you, but the flavor is phenomenal, especially if you LOVE papaya, mango, and pineapple as much as I do. It’s very exotic with a green tea twist and my mouth is already watering just thinking about it. The smell is sweet, with a hint of that grassy green tea scent. The flavor isn’t too sweet, it’s a perfect balance of sweetness and vegetal goodness.

movie nightThe last green tea in my massive self-made “starter package” was Movie Night. How could I pass up trying popcorn and green tea mixed together. The smell was extremely aromatic and the taste is like a little piece of heaven. Ok, a LARGE piece of heaven. This tea sent me floating on cloud nine and I DID NOT want to come back down. It’s relaxing and definitely one of those “feel-good” teas. It’s sweetened with maple and apple, which adds to the richness of the tea. I could drink this tea any time, especially when needing a snack that is naturally sweet.

The other day I purchased some more teas to try, so I will post about those ones once I have them all finished!

Please note that all these images come from the internet, they are not my own images and no copyright infringement was intended. I just want to share what the teas look like with everyone.

Also, if you are going to try green tea, please remember that the longer you steep, the stronger the taste is going to be. Please do NOT pour boiling hot water on these teas as they are very delicate and you can burn the leaves. Add a little cold water to your brew to ensure that the taste isn’t ruined by burning the leaves with boiling hot water.

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