My Favorite Mate/Guayusa Teas (So Far).

My first time trying mate and guayusa teas. I bought only two because after the incident I had with Oolong tea, I was a little scared to try anything that had lots of caffeine in it. However, the two teas that I bought ended up tasting AMAZING and gave me an amazing boost of energy to last all day long without the caffeine crash!jungle ju ju

The first one I tried was Jungle Ju Ju. Guayusa, thick and chunky pieces of dried papaya, and peach to give it a hint of sweetness. This tea is mouthwatering and delicious with an extra boost of caffeine to boot. Definitely going to keep buying this tea.


The other tea I tried was Queen of Tarts. This tea is for you if you like TART teas/drinks/fruit. This tea contains guayusa, hibiscus, marigold blossoms, marigold, and stevia. This tea was definitely TART, but it was so delicious! The color of the tea turns a lovely shade of red and it smells delicious! I love this tea because it’s not sweet, earthy, or strong, but it sure packs a tangy punch to the taste-buds!

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