A Day I Cannot Escape Reality

Wolves and other wildlife are quickly disappearing no thanks to the world becoming severely overpopulated.  More and more wild animals will disappear. What once was alive and majestic will be little more than fantasy for future generations. I am a writer, yet, there are no words to express the sadness and emptiness I feel inside.

Bitterness and Disappointment

Humanity has a way of disappointing me time and time again. It’s no wonder that I connect with animals more than a lot of humans. This is because of the cruelty and malice of human beings. We are supposed to have the ability to feel empathy and compassion towards others and animals, yet, here we are destroying animals because we want to make more room for us. Forget the animals, we are more important than anything else in this world. Some people may think that, but I am a person who believes the opposite. We humans are slowly destroying this planet because we are overpopulating it, polluting it, and destroying natural habitats and animals because we are too concerned with our own lives to see what’s beyond.

Animals vs Humans

Frankly, I think nature and wild animals are far more civil than some human beings could ever be. They have their own systems and their own ways to do things, but animals have never created things such as we humans have to destroy our planet. Animals simply live the way they are supposed to, creating an ecosystem that has been around longer than humans have. Animals inhabited these lands far before any human had and it was their kingdom. When humans came along, we destroyed their world and have been shrinking it bit by bit for the benefit of only ourselves.

Wolves are much the same as humans. They travel in packs, they hunt together as a family. Wolves LOVE their pups and raise them carefully. Wolves MOURN their dead. Wolves have feelings too.

Me, Me, Me

We humans have gotten into a rhythm where we don’t stop to notice the small things because we’re too preoccupied with ourselves and our own world. We have become negligent, ignorant, and unaware of the things that are happening outside our own doors. When it comes to murder, we are acutely aware of it, however, when it comes to the murdering of 180 wolves in B.C, many people turn a blind eye or simply don’t care. This is the problem. Humans are far too concerned with their own little lives in their own little worlds that we have forgotten that our “kingdom” once belonged to wild animals who could roam freely, just as we do now, but now animals can’t roam as freely. If they encroach on our territory, we say that they are a threat and we kill them without a second thought.

The War on Wolves

This is exactly what the government in British Columbia is doing. They have slaughtered wolves for the sake of the declining caribou population. What the government is doing is scapegoating the wolves and turning a blind eye to the REAL problem at hand. The real problem is the fact that we are trying to build more and more things for ourselves, for example, the pipeline that is supposedly to be built to help with the oil and gas industry. Where exactly are these pipelines being built? Well, the answer is quite simple: right in the middle of the home of these beautiful creatures.

Canada’s Wildlife

Canada is known for its beauty and its wildlife that people from all over the world can see traveling between Alberta and British Columbia. For a while, wolves were on the endangered species list, and not too long ago were taken off because precautions were taken so that they could repopulate and reproduce so that they weren’t endangered anymore. However, the government has decided to murder 180 wolves because they are “endangering the caribou population.”

It’s times like these that I am ashamed to call myself Canadian. I do not approve of what the government has been doing recently. I am ashamed that the government is allowing the mass murder of these animals because they don’t want to blame themselves or humanity for what is the REAL cause of the problem. It makes me sick and it breaks my heart and wreaks havoc on my soul. The government has basically decided to play God and wipe out these creatures. I have signed the petition, I have told many people to sign the petition and I will not stop spreading the word about what the B.C government is doing. It is sickening and it disgusts me.

How is This NOT Animal Cruelty?

There is a law about animal cruelty, so how is murdering 180 wolves from the air and shooting them not cruelty? Are they going to check the animals to ensure that they are in fact dead? No. They are shooting from the air and don’t have the time or the decency to do that. This is animal cruelty if they shoot some wolves and they happen to survive. The wolves will be wandering around wounded and in massive amounts of pain. Humans are supposed to have compassion for animals, and yet this is how we treat wild animals?!

How is beating a dog and doing unspeakable things to them not allowed, and yet, it’s okay to shoot at wolves? If you tell me they are predators, I would like you to think about what humans are. Are we not also predators? Do we not also prey upon animals such as pigs, chickens, rabbits, cows, etc to survive? Do you not realize the unethical ways that these animals are KILLED and SLAUGHTERED so that we can LIVE? Can you not see how TERRIFIED a cow is before it is slaughtered? They tie it up and kill it, but before that it already knows what’s coming and you can see the terror in their eyes and their body as they try to run away. They can’t, because they are tethered into place so they can’t run away. How is this ethical? How is using rabbits and other animals ethical to test products that we use?

You think it’s okay to treat animals like this? How can you call yourself a human? Are we not supposed to have compassion and to care for the things that matter in our world to us? Forget family, your job, and other things that don’t really matter when you DIE. Can you think outside your own little world and what’s outside on your doorstep? There is a vast world out there, yes, it is full of evil, but there are also some beautiful things that reside in this cruel and dark world. One thing that really matters to me are the wolves that the government is slaughtering and scapegoating.

I am Ashamed

I am Canadian and I am ashamed to say it at this moment because of how the Canadian government is treating the wolves and wrongly accusing them for something that is THEIR OWN and OUR OWN fault. I am angry and torn beyond belief at the cruelty of the government at the moment. This is one of the reasons why I am very selective with who I allow into my inner circle and who remains outside of it. There are a lot of people who are fake, who are all words, and who don’t give a damn about things or people that they deem lesser than themselves.

Maybe in the future you can pull your head’s out of your asses for more than a second to see that wolves are NOT evil creatures. Sure, they are wild, but so are bears. Wolves are amazing and majestic animals that stay in GROUPS called packs. Wolves have a hierarchy just like humans, they MATE FOR LIFE. They raise their family with love and tenderness and protectiveness just like any other animal and HUMAN would. They live together, they fight together, they look after each other just like humans do. What’s more than that, they also MOURN the death of a pack member just like humans do.

Demonizing and Scapegoating Wolves

Literature has demonized wolves as bloodthirsty and vicious, people think wolves are ugly, that they are killers, and that they like to kill humans for sport. This is NOT true. The only reason they attack a human is because the human is in their territory and they feel threatened. If a person that made you feel nervous and uncomfortable around your family showed up, especially with a weapon, wouldn’t you also be cautious and protective? Would you not sacrifice yourself to protect your family? Well, that’s exactly what a wolf would do. They DEFEND they PROTECT their own just like human would. So do some bloody research on these beautiful animals before you let the government kill any more of them! They are NOT evil creatures that like to kill humans. They are like other animals, who only kill other ANIMALS to SURVIVE. You also need to remember, there are so many of us and so little of them. One day, if we are not careful, we are going to wipe out all the wildlife in the world because we can’t see outside our own little worlds.

We Are ALL Killing Our Wildlife

Don’t you want your grandchildren to be able to see a live animal out in the open of nature, rather than behind bars in a zoo? Wild animals are not meant to be caged, but because humans are populating at an alarmingly increasing speed, that’s exactly what we are doing to these animals. We are causing their environment to get smaller and smaller, creating a cage for them. If they step outside that cage, our automatic thought is to destroy them. Heaven forbid they should attack our livestock to LIVE and feed THEIR OWN FAMILIES.


How stupid can people be? Open your eyes and start protecting our wildlife instead of hunting them for game, instead of killing them because “they’re dangerous.” They should LIVE and have their own space to prosper and humans need to learn to respect that boundary and stay the hell away from it. Let them live in PEACE, let them have their territory, and for the love of God, let them LIVE. Let our wild, majestic wolves roam free.


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