Read My Lips, but Since You Can’t See Them, Read My Words.

read-my-lipsAfter trying Red Velvet Cake, Love Tea #7, Glitter and Gold, and Fantasy Island only to feel very frustrated and let down, I was reluctant to try Read My Lips. However, I decided to take the plunge and I bought a couple cups worth of this spectacular tea. The aroma is definitely peppermint and the little lip candies are definitely a cute finish. This tea has Chinese black tea, peppermint, chocolate, pink peppercorns, sprinkles, and vanilla. It reminds me of Mint to Be, probably because the main taste comes from peppermint, but the taste is oh-so-good. Not only is there CHOCOLATE, but there’s peppermint with an added sweetness from the candied lips. This is a tea that I could see myself drinking on a regular basis because it tastes so good. It’s also somewhat creamy in texture, which is another reason why it reminds me of Mint to Be.

All in all, this tea is a definite keeper in my books. The best part about this tea is that it tastes like a dessert, without the thousand calories to add to my waistline! Hurray!

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