Guava Cadabra


Guava Cadabra is definitely a fruity flavored tea. It consists of manga, guava, apple, hibiscus blossom, elderberries, beetroot, and rosehips. The tea has a beautiful pink color, it smells sweet and exotic and the taste is tart but sweet at the same time. It’s a tea that after my first sip, I immediately knew that it was a keeper. It’s funny how sometimes you smell a tea and think that it’s going to taste amazing, only to be utterly disappointed because it doesn’t taste the way you thought it was going to. I have tried a lot of teas at David’s Tea and there are many that I don’t like, but this is definitely one of the teas that I will be going back to time and time again!

I especially like this tea for the winter. The days that are snowy, dark, foggy, cold, and just downright depressing. The bright pink color gives my grey surroundings a splash of color, the exotic fruity taste of the tea allows me to escape and forget that I am living in a cold country and city during the winter months. I can curl up on my couch and read a good book, escaping into a world full of possibilities and kept warm thanks to this tea!

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