Pretty Little Liars: Get Your A-Game On.


Pretty Little Liars: With the winding down of a lot of my favorite TV shows and anime, I found myself with nothing to watch. Amazingly, I’ve had a lot of free time this month since I’ve already taught this level and rotation. I was searching for other TV shows to watch when I suddenly remembered Pretty Little Liars. I’m not sure why it clicked in my head that day, I heard about it when it first came out and I wasn’t really interested in watching it. Probably because I gorged myself on all 4 seasons of The Tudors a year ago and got really sick of all the drama and sex in the show that it just turned me off from a lot of movies and TV shows that deal with that. Since I had nothing else to watch, I decided to give Pretty Little Liars a chance and I hoped that it was somewhat similar to Gossip Girl yet not. In that way, I mean, I didn’t want to watch a bunch of teenagers with gossip AND sex.

My Impressions of the First Few Episodes:

I watched the first episode, and I admit that I was actually a little bit bored with the Pilot. It established all the characters, but as soon as I saw that Aria had had a fling with a TEACHER, I was immediately put off a bit. However, I like to give TV shows a couple of chances, so I continued watching. But after watching 3 episodes, I started to HATE Spencer a lot. It just seemed that she was doing A LOT of stupid things that made me think “WTF.” So, for a while, I really hated Spencer and got really annoyed watching anything that had to deal with her and her stupidity. I thought she was supposed to be “intelligent.” Then again, she’s a teenager, but still…I wasn’t really that impressed with how things were going with some of the characters after the first nine episodes, but then came episode 10 “Keep Your Friends Close.” This is the episode that changed things for me by A LOT. The characters started to seem more “real” to me and the things in their lives started to appear more real and started to become more identifiable to me, especially with Hanna and her past.

The Guessing Game:

Needless to say, I finished all of Season 1 in about three weeks and I’m already on episode 10 in Season 2. When Caleb and Ian came into the picture, the plot started to get way more intense and I found myself puzzling over clues and evidence that the girls were faced within each episode, thinking about who A is and making a mental list in my head of all the people that have motives to be A. The problem is, once the thing with Ian was finally over, I had to double check my list. A is not just someone playing pranks, A is someone who is capable of a lot dark deeds that seem to be geared towards the girls. Sure, A “helped” them one time when Noel got in the way, but I think A did that because Noel was taking away all the attention from A. It seems like A wants to be the center of attention, which gets me thinking which characters are the ones that are vying for attention the most. I have a list of a couple of them and they both are female with their own set of motives.

Why I Like Pretty Little Liars:

One of the reasons I really like Pretty Little Liars is because of all the plot twists that are presented in almost every episode. Just when I think I know something, BAM, something else happens that makes me question who A really is and what the girls are really facing. There’s always new people popping up in their lives that leads to some new evidence or a new POI (Person of Interest). I’m always left guessing and I can’t wait to watch the next episodes. I think the end of Season 1 and, so far, Season 2 are probably the best Seasons. Of course, I still need to watch the rest of the Seasons, so we’ll see what I think.

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