Season 2 Pretty Little Liars


So season 2 really picked up, action wise. We came to a very interesting conclusion, which I won’t say here except that we may or may not have discovered the real identity of A. Some heart wrenching moments occurred in this season. It was definitely action packed and had me on the edge of my seat. However, there were a couple of episodes that left such an amazing cliff-hanger that I just had to watch the next episode. Unfortunately, and to my surprise, they skipped ahead by a few months! WHAT? No juicy details about what happened in between? Just dialogue and read-between-the-lines? That’s so not fair. I was looking forward to seeing what happened after those couple of episodes and I was SORELY disappointed when the next episode didn’t even continue, but skipped ahead by 2-3 months! What the hell?! Those were my only two qualms that I really had with season 2, but other than that, it was far creepier and darker than the first season. There was also more action and drama and I found that my heart was racing more often in this season than the first. I can only hope that the seasons keep getting better and better instead of worse, like a lot of other dramas that are in their 4th (or more) season.

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