Mystic Messenger

Mystic Messenger, the game from Hell

It’s the game from hell. It was SO confusing my first day because I hadn’t read much about it and decided to start playing at 6 p.m. to my horror, the character I WANT isn’t available in the casual story, so I have to play for someone else’s route. I was sorely disappointed. I had to restart the game and to make things worse, by the time I actually started-after much research-it was almost 8 p.m. I read that day one doesn’t matter as much, but I like to play the WHOLE game through, not start at 36% Anyway. Hopefully, I’ll get a good ending.

The recommended order for Mystic Messenger is:
  1. Zen
  2. Yoosung
  3. Jaehee
  4. Jumin
  5. 707

The characters in the picture above are from LEFT to RIGHT: Zen, Jaehee, Jumin, 707, and Yoosung.

Welcome to Mystic Messenger Hell

I am starting with Zen, because I didn’t know too much about the game anyway and I didn’t really want to go after Yoosung or a woman (Jaehee) in the casual story. Therefore, that’s how I came to be -stuck-with Zen.  I will explain about my thoughts on Zen later, right now I’ll talk about the interface of the game. After you get through the prologue (by the way, I read that if you select BAD answers ex. No, why should I help you, no there isn’t a locked door, etc. you will end up with a guaranteed BAD ending-or so I’ve READ. Proceed with caution).

What Next?

Once you clear the prologue you end up in a chat with a bunch of people you don’t know. These are the above-mentioned characters. The moment you reply is when you start earning hearts of different colors. Zen is GREY, Yoosung is GREEN, Jaehee YELLOW, Jumin PURPLE, and 707 RED. Your answers will give you hearts for specific characters. If you don’t care what character you end up with, go ahead and answer away. However, if you’re OCD like me and NEED to have a good ending, I suggest reading Otome Obsessed’s Blog for tips and FAQs, and walkthroughs. I’ll provide the link at the bottom of the page.

After you get through the first chat, you are then taken to the home screen of the RFA. It looks like this:



At the very top left you have an hourglass count. This is IMPORTANT because if you miss any chats, you have to use the hourglasses to pay for them. You also have to use hourglasses to CALL characters, so save them. TIP: You can also farm the crap out of these as well as hearts. More about that later. The hearts are on the right side, my hearts are low because once you get 100 hearts you can purchase one hourglass for FREE. To do that, you simply touch the + button next to the hourglass. You will get a popup and all you need to do is touch the 100 hearts for FREE. You will get your free hourglass. You can also gain them by chatting with the characters and giving favorable answers. Characters that feel “close” or comfortable with the way the chat is going will award you with them. They are random. I can farm the chat for hourglasses and the first time I’ll get 2, next time nothing, the next 1, next time 3, etc. Very random.

Character Pics/Icons

Just below are the characters. These are their “profiles” which they update throughout the game and will highlight in yellow when there’s an update to their picture/status. As you can see, 707’s profile picture is yellow, which means there’s an update on his profile. On the far left you have some circular icons. The top is for pictures that the characters send you in chats, the next is for e-mails that you will receive and send to guests. (Won’t give spoilers about why you need guests). Next is the profile of the guests, the cherry is for info about Cheritz (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) The last two square buttons are self-explanatory.

Which Buttons are Most Important?

Now, the buttons you will use the most in the game are the HUGE ones that take up most of the screen. The top is the texts characters will send you and you can also gain hearts here as well. Make sure to reply to everyone! The next button is the call button. Like I mentioned before, if you want to call a character, you have to “pay” with your hourglasses. I haven’t used this feature before, but it’s best if you do try to call the character you want because it helps increase their affection (apparently). Characters will also call YOU after chats from time to time. You have 10 SECONDS to answer the phone before you have to call them back, so pick up ASAP! You can listen to their voices in Korean with English subtitles. You don’t actually have to hold the phone up against your ear, but I do wear headphones when I have to answer a call during break at work or on the bus. HAH. I like hearing them talk in Korean.

The last button is the chatroom. You will be taken to another page that looks like this:


My First Day

This is what I meant by my first day is at 36%, that’s the percentage of chats you have participated in. I started LATE in the day, so that’s why it’s so low. If you start late, you WILL NOT be able to participate in any earlier chats (meaning any chats that happened before you joined the game. If I started at 7, I might get the 6:58 chat called Concerns of Two Men, or I might not get any chats until the 7:40 one. These chats all have TIMES, so you basically have to schedule your time accordingly so you don’t miss any of them and have to fork out 5 hourglasses. Details about this can be found on Otome Obsessed’s Blog as well, which is what I’ve been using.  The day you are on will be in GREEN. I’m on day 4 now, which is a scary day for me, because that’s when it will branch out towards the character that has the most hearts/affection. Sweet Lord, let me have Zen, I don’t want to start over again! Mystic Messenger Hell, indeed.


The chats will show up in bubbles according to a timeline. If you miss a chat, you’ll have an hourglass beside that chat. If you want to skip any chats, you CAN, BUT you have to read the chat before you can participate in the chat you want to be a part of. If I missed three chats 11:15, 12:30 and 3 a.m, and I want to participate in the 7 a.m one, I have to read the three before (touch the LARGE chat button NOT the hourglass button) to read it. Then you can participate in the 7 a.m chat. I also highly recommend SAVING A LOT in this game. This allows you to “farm” hearts and hourglasses. It also saves your butt in case you accidentally break someone’s heart or give a heart to someone you didn’t want!

Time for more about Zen.

If you don’t want to SEE pictures or want any spoilers about what type of personality he has, then avert your eyes and scroll to the bottom of the page for links.

Since it was my first time playing, I had A TON of questions about everything. One of them was how will I know if I got a good ending! That’s actually simple: the game TELLS you. When the party is over, you get a choice of playing the ending video (it’s only credits and a song) if you play it, you won’t be able to see what ending you got. If you skip it, you will see a new colored screen. YELLOW is a good ending, BLUE is a normal ending, and BLACK is a bad ending. I will show you my good ending for Zen:


More Questions

Another question I had, if I missed a phone call, was it important to call them back? Not really, but if it’s your character that you’re aiming for, you might as well so you can have more interactions with them. It doesn’t give you hearts or hourglasses, but it’s always nice to hear their voice and see what they say. In my case, I never missed phone calls except on day 10. I have no idea why, but even when I reloaded, it was still there. So…on day 10 I waited until about 7:55 to call Zen and he picked up. It will consume 5 hourglasses to call.

If you have any questions about this game, leave it in the comment and I’ll reply as soon as I can!


As I said before, I’m following the suggested routes first. I wanted Jumin, but you can’t get him unless you fork out 80 hourglasses to “pay” for the deep story. 707 is also in the Deep story, but once you “pay” for the deep story, you don’t have to give out another 80 hourglasses. First Day thoughts about Zen: He’s okay. He’s kind of funny at times and he likes to talk about himself a lot, he’s also really flirty as soon as he finds out you’re a girl.

At the end of Day 2,

I was thinking “OMG, why did I have to pick HIM first?!” His narcissism was starting to grate on my nerves. Sure enough, Day 3 rolled around and it just got worse, especially with the responses that are required to get his hearts and hourglasses. I couldn’t help but feel appalled at having to say some of those responses when my natural responses are the complete opposite. I really hate narcissists (I deal with a bunch on a DAILY basis). Yes, I was cringing. I AM cringing.

Day 4

Hasn’t gotten much better, it’s far worse. My responses are even WORSE than before and I want to puke. So far, he has said 3 or 4 things that make me “respect” him a little more-especially a brownie point for mentioning SHAKESPEARE, but then will say 20-30 things that make me regret my decision again. I don’t HATE Zen’s character. I find that he’s funny and sometimes he can be charming as well, but his charming is playboy charming. (In my opinion). So far, I’m not impressed with his route, but Day 3 there was a HILARIOUS conversation about one of his plays. I laughed so hard I was crying and my boyfriend was looking at me like “what is wrong with you?” It’s a good thing I wasn’t in public, because I lost it. Day 3 was probably the BEST day for chats just because of that one chat and another that followed later in the day.

If I had to give my first 4 days a rating out of ten with Zen (rhyme not intended)

I’d have to say Zen’s route (for me) is a 2.5/10 right now. I sincerely hope that my rating will improve, because I have high expectations for this game and I really want to like it, besides how Zen’s ego is driving me up the wall and how this game is causing me to lose a lot of sleep! I will keep updating my progress and my rating. Please no Zen-fanatic hate comments. I’M NOT FINISHED PLAYING YET!!! I’M ON DAY 4. Give me until the last day before you hate on me, ok? My opinion might change, but it would have to take a miracle for me to do a complete 180 with Zen (right now). Again, it’s a Mystic Messenger Hell sort of time for me right now!


Here is the link for Otome Obsessed

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