MM Zen Day 5 + 6

Time for another update on my progession in the story. When I woke up  on day five, I realized that I hadn’t selected the “caution” button and pressed “okay” to proceed with the branch. However, it was okay, because it just branched off and loaded the chats I had missed while I was sleeping.

Day five was still full of narcisissm in the morning, but later in the evening Zen started saying things that were better. I’m still not impressed with the responses that is required to give him to boost his ego, but whatever. To get a good end you baisucally have to fangirl a bit and support him and his decisions. I was still reluctant to believe that Zen would change at all, but now I’m on day six and things have escalated a bit in terms of plot and character development. I won’t spoil it, but Zen has started to show another side of him that I never thought possible. He’s expressing things more openly (I won’t tell you about WHAT). After the 10:13 chat, I’m starting to feel a lot more sympathetic towards him because it sounds like we really have something in common now, and when I find that out about characters I tend to always feel more empathetic towards them.

Anywhoo, apparently there’s going to be a mini story later today, so I’m excited to read what it’s about. So far, I guess I was wrong about Zen changing. It looks like he’s already changed quite a bit since day 5. It’s probably also because of the circumstances, but it’s a change nonetheless.

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