MM Days 7-11

Believe it or not a miracle has occurred! Day 7 and 8 were less of the same old thing with Zen and then by day 9 I saw a change. By day 10 something happened and completely changed my opinion about him, but by the end of day 9 I was already changing my opinion. By the end of day ten, my heart melted, and my heart is not an easy one to melt! To make matters even (worse-for me) day 11 gave me the good end, which made my heart flutter and made me feel giddy. The after story pretty much had the same affect. My heart was gushing, I was giddy, and I felt like a damn teenager in love.

At first, Zen is an annoying narcissistic character, but he definitely opens up and shows a much deeper and emotional side to him that I didn’t think was possible in his route. He’s usually not my type of character, but I ended up falling in love with the man that he became because of the MC.

Now I’m playing again, but aiming for Yoosung…I feel guilty selecting answers I know do not award hearts with Zen, and I find that my finger is already hovering over the Zen answers and I have to stop myself from pressing down! Seeing Zen in the chat room with everyone else almost feel like the stab in your heart when you see an ex that you really loved among your friends. I’m not even joking. I feel guilty. Alas, I’m only doing Yoosung’s route so I can play Jumin’s route next!

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