Happy New Year


Happy New Year everyone!
It’s a brand spanking new year and we all know what that means! It’s a completely blank book of 365 pages that we can fill in! Let’s start something new together and something great! 2017 is going to bring about a lot of new changes and opportunities for us all and I am looking forward to everything that 2017 has to bring.

With that being said, I’m going to challenge myself to do something different! I’m going to become even more organized and stay on top of my blog posts! I haven’t been staying active on my blogs and that’s really sad for me since I love to write! Another thing I’m going to start doing is vlogging on my Youtube channel. I’ve made some videos in the past, but nothing major. So, as a new project for 2017, I’d like to make more vlogs for a variety of different things from reviews, to tutorials for English as a Second Language, to…well, pretty much everything and anything! I hope my followers stay tuned and watch my blog and Youtube channel grow this year with new things! I also hope that my posts inspire you to do something great and different this year as well! Let’s start 2017 together!

Thanks to all my subscribers for making my blog what it is today! Love you all and I wish everyone a Happy New Year. Now go out there and be AWESOME.

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