Jumin Han Bad Endings

Once you’ve completed Jumin’s good endings, you can now have fun-well, sort of. Personally, two of these bad endings were really hard for me to do because of what I have to say and how I have to act towards Jumin. It literally broke my heart into pieces and I cried. Although, there’s one that’s a “bad” ending that honestly, doesn’t seem all that bad and if there’s such a thing as yandere gods, well, they’ve answered my prayers.

When Can I Start the Bad Endings?

As you know, in order to get Jumin’s route you have to be in Deep Story AND for the first 4 days, you have to aim for answers that give you a purple heart, which are Jumin’s hearts. On the 5th day, once you see that you are in his route, that’s when you can start the bad endings…Jumin blushing is soooo adorable, I just want to run in his arms and hold him. xD

*These are spoiler FREE.

Bad Ending #1: Money Hungry, Gold-Digging B****

For this ending, you have to basically be what I stated above. You have to say things like how luxurious his life is, how you’re jealous of his life, jealous of other people, be possessive as hell, say you want to marry him, say you want material things, and basically ignore most of the stuff he tells you in his route. –> I had a really hard time with this because you’re being a horrible, horrible person towards him and using him for his money and his power. I did this ending second, thankfully and it was really hard to ignore Jumin’s suffering and act like all I cared about was his money and power.

Bad Ending #2: The yandere gods have blessed this ending and my eyes have been cleansed. lolol.

In order to achieve this smokin’ hot ending, you have to say some really kinky things: the cage is pretty, you want to be locked up inside the cage, you want to be with him forever, he doesn’t need Elizabeth anymore now that he has you, you want him to possess you, you’ll do whatever he wants, make me yours. xD and then during one of the VNMs you’ll get a certain dialogue from him that made my heart race and then you’ll see the CG. *nosebleed* Sweet yandere gods, thank you!!!! I did this ending LAST. Sweet Lord, thank you! I swear, I had a nosebleed. lolol.

Bad Ending 3: Cold-Hearted B****

In order to receive this ending, you have to be a b****. You have to tell Jumin that he has problems, complain that you’re locked up and he won’t let you leave in the chat room, you have to demand to go home all the time, tell him he is creepy, and you have to tell him he has mental problems (God, his response broke my heart and I cried). I was lucky and did this ending first, so I got the worst one out of the way.

These endings are REALLY easy to achieve and honest to goodness, you DON’T need a walkthrough for it. If I can do it, so can you. Good luck! I hope you enjoy ending #2 as much as I do…

<<Jumin’s Good End>>

Surprise! Jumin Han can SING:

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