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There’s something I would LOVE to talk about: Jumin Han. If you aren’t familiar with who he is, he is from the Korean otome game Mystic Messengers. I’ve talked about this in other posts before and months later, I’m still playing this damned game because I’m obsessed and, as fans say, Mystic Messenger Trash. If you haven’t played his route, or want more information on him, you’ve come to the right place. SPOILER free.

What we know: His name is Jumin Han and he’s the heir to C & R International, currently a Director. His assistant is Assistant Kang, the only female character in the game, which you can also play a route for. He LOVES his cat, Elizabeth 3rd, and God forbid you call her Elly or furball or anything else. Remember her name and NEVER call her anything else.

Since he’s the Director, we also know that he is filthy rich, just look at what he’s wearing compared to everyone else in MM. Jumin is handsome with dark hair and grey eyes. He has a deep voice and is a pragmatist. I didn’t know any of this information when I started playing this game. I just saw the trailer for the game and as soon as I saw him, I was in love. However, what new players don’t know: you HAVE to be in DEEP STORY to play his route. If you haven’t unlocked deep route with 80 hourglasses, it’s NOT going to end well. All other MM characters are in casual story, but Jumin and 707 are in Deep Story. Everyone always tells you to end with 7, and while I agree with this, I couldn’t just end with 7. Many people don’t understand why I couldn’t just finish with 7 and everyone says 7’s route will have you crying like a baby. Err…ok, but I didn’t cry like a baby, in fact, I didn’t cry at all. Which is WHY I couldn’t finish with 7’s route. I had to go back and do Jumin’s bad endings…in fact, I’m actually going for one of the bad endings right now. Jumin and I are so similar that it just made me fall more for his character. You don’t REALLY get to know what his character is actually like until you play his route. Prepare yourselves too.

Here’s some advice for his good end:

  • Remember his cat’s name: Elizabeth 3rd and don’t call her anything else.
  • Don’t be super jealous
  • Don’t be money hungry
  • Don’t tell him you miss him, want to be in his arms, or act crazy.
  • Don’t talk about how luxurious his life is.
  • Support him, especially when Zen is being a dink towards him.
  • In the VNM (visual novel modes) DO NOT freak out at him. He’s kept his emotions hidden for YEARS and doesn’t know how to handle them with you around. Be understanding, keep calm, have patience, and TRUST him.
  • Don’t badmouth him in the chat room.
  • Don’t flirt with Zen at all unless you want to get a Jumin BREAK. (Basically, you break his heart and the more it happens the more you’re guaranteed to have a bad end).
  • Support his cat ideas.
  • Support his love for Elizabeth 3rd, even if you think it’s weird/abnormal. Like I said, he’s kept his emotions hidden for a very long time.
  • Just love the poor guy, okay? All characters want to give you the world, especially Jumin.

Jumin is a complex character, but as the story evolves, you will find that Jumin also evolves because of MC (main character, which is you). I think there’s a chat the day before the party or maybe it was after the last chat before the party, don’t remember, but it was something special and I will never forget it. I even took a zillion screenshots of it because, well, just because! It’s Jumin.

I’ve only ever gone gaga over one other character and that’s Saito Hajime from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan. He’s also the cool, quiet type and freakin’ sexy as hell. I never thought I’d love any other character as much as I love Saito, but then I played Jumin’s route and I can’t go back, ever. He is a character that really speaks to my soul. If that man was real, I swear, he’d be my soulmate!

A lot of people made memes about Jumin Han being gay or calling him Daddy. I don’t really like those memes because 1) Jumin is NOT gay (“does Jumin Han gay” is getting tiring) and people calling him “Daddy” is just…well…I can’t do it. 1) I’m older than he is 2) I would never call anyone Daddy. That’s just my opinion. I’ve played everyone else’s routes (except Jaehee, sorry, but I just can’t chase after a fictional girl and enjoy it), and I just don’t connect as deeply with their stories as I do with Jumin’s.

Here’s to Jumin Han <3, the most handsome and loving guy in the otome world. <3

Oh, and in case you REALLY want to fall even more madly in love with him, his voice actor can SING, girl.

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