One Month with Bunny

Here’s a list of some other things that you might need to get your rabbit that you might want to get for your rabbit (ones that are necessary are in bold):
  • Slicker Brush (you are going to need this if they are shedding-moulting, please be careful when brushing your rabbit! Don’t press too hard or go too fast).
  • Carrier (if you haven’t already bought one, you will need it to take your rabbit to the vet after one or two months to get a checkup done).
  • Cat claw scissors
  • Styptic Powder (This stops the blood from flowing if you happen to cut too far down on your rabbit’s nails).
  • Harness/Lead (You only need this if you think you’re going to go outside with your rabbit without an xpen)
  • Pet Igloo (Hidey Hole), if you haven’t already bought one.
  • I also signed up for the Bun’s Box (which was $23 at the time).
  • Timothy mat (a mat made from Timothy hay, not necessary, but my bun likes to chew them up and it’s a good distraction from biting other things he’s not supposed to-like his blankets).
  • Within a month, I already needed new hay (Piko was wasting a lot and wouldn’t eat it, so I had to throw out whatever was left).
  • By the end of the month I needed to buy new litter. (It will take time getting used to how much litter you need to use. I use a small plastic cup and fill it up five times to cover the entire litter pan).
  • I also bought some papaya treats (which are discontinued now, unfortunately. Papaya is really good to keep your bunny’s tummy happy especially when they are moulting. Pineapple is also good for that as well, just in REALLY tiny pieces as they contain a lot of sugar. I discovered that Petsmart sells papaya pieces but they contain food coloring, so I decided NOT to buy them. I don’t want to give my rabbit things that might upset his stomach or make him sick, which is why I didn’t buy those ones).
My Totals

My amount for November was pretty high because I was still learning what he needed, so my costs were high when I first bought him (I admit, I went a bit overboard). I paid $129.42 and that’s including all the above mentioned items as well as some additional toys and treats AND the bun’s box @$23.00/month. This also includes any veggies I bought for him such as romaine lettuce, parsley, and cilantro. Remember, only buy the ESSENTIALS that you need and you can always make your own stuff as well!

After one month

Hopefully you have bonded with your rabbit and they have rewarded you with a nose bonk, a binky, some sniffs, or kisses. After one month, Piko was climbing on me, biting my clothes, etc. He is a pretty bold rabbit and was never afraid of me to begin with, except when I tried to pick him up.


Things I Had  to Get Used To

Letting him out of his cage and putting him back in were EXTREMELY difficult for me and I got scratched countless times. It took me a while to learn that when I got home, he would race around and then go into his litter box. That’s when I got the idea to pick up the entire litter box with him in it and set him down. That way I avoided getting scratched and he wiggled around less. When it was time to go back to his cage, I did the same thing: waited until he was in the litter box. It took him a while, but now when I try this, it doesn’t work all the time. He knows at night that I want to go to bed, so he avoids going into the litter box, even when I coax him with treats! Sometimes I have to pick him up and then put him in the litter box, but now he’s used to me picking him up and holding him. For the most part, he doesn’t squirm around too much as long as I’m petting his head, but when he’s had enough of my affection, he’ll get a bit squirmy.


Some Bad Ideas I Had

I used to let him out in the hallway to run around and get exercise and I’d play with him by chasing him, letting him climb on me, playing with his toys with him, getting him to go into a huge tunnel of boxes that I made for him. Sometimes he’d even sleep inside the boxes. I used to have a baby gate to stop him going into places I didn’t want him, like my bedroom, but he eventually bit through all the plastic pieces. It was a really old baby gate and not a very good one. They are useful as long as you have the one that it built of sturdier plastic because the one pictures below was really flimsy and not good at all! That’s what you get when you buy one from the thrift store many years ago. (I had this when I was ten and had my very first dog. My mom would put this gate in the kitchen because she didn’t want him sleeping anywhere else!) As you can also see in this picture, Piko is a very curious bunny and likes to get into a lot of trouble, just like a baby. You always have to keep an eye on your rabbit as they often get into trouble!


Hopefully, all of you are bonding well with your rabbit. Remember, rabbits take time to open up, especially if they have been adopted from the SPCA. Some are afraid of people and being touched while some love pets and snuggles. Each rabbit has their own personality and my rabbit ignored me for the most part, but occasionally came and jumped on me like I was his personal jungle gym. He still does it! If you have any questions about your rabbit leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Here’ s some pictures of all the items that I mentioned above

Some of the items you might want to get your rabbit were mention in my previous post: Getting a Rabbit, so please take a look there if you haven’t already! Thanks! Just remember that these are just suggestions, which is why I said “things you might need to get your rabbit.”

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