Yuri on Ice Review


It’s been a long time since I’ve written any reviews about anime, so here it is, the long awaited post! I’ve watched a few animes, but lost interest along the way again. That is, until Ajin Season 2 came out and Yuri on Ice. I was randomly checking out the new anime lineup and saw the picture of Yuri on Ice and almost started screaming with joy.

A VERY long time ago I searched high and low for an anime on figure skating only to find one old one called Ginban Kaleidoscope. I waited for YEARS before another one about figure skating came out, and finally my prayers were answered! Yuri on Ice is an anime about a competitive figure skater Katsuki Yuri (alt. Yuuri) that idolizes gold medalist Viktor Nikiforov. Yuri has self-esteem issues that reflect in his figure skating and results in disappointment after disappointment. However, Yuri does one performance that somehow reaches Viktor’s eyes and this is where the magic unfolds. This is where Viktor brings Yuri Plisetsky and Yuri Katsuki together and where the trio grows together because of each other, hence the title of the opening song “History Maker.”

I don’t want to give away what happens in the anime in case, for some reason, you haven’t watched it yet. Honestly, what are you waiting for?!! If you love figure skating as much as I do, you’ll watch it. Believe me. I watched the first episode and, at first, I was a little skeptical of it because of the humor that was used, but I found myself itching to watch the next one. I looked forward to every Wednesdays because I figure skate that day and then come home to watch YOI! Tons of Olympic figure skaters are tweeting about this anime. Why, you ask? It’s simple: it’s that amazing. I’m not even joking. It’s not the jokes, the drawing, or the music that get people hooked, it’s the characters and the fact that the figure skating moves are legit. That’s right, I didn’t say “look legit” and that’s because they are legit. Why do you think so many figure skaters rave about it? The reason why is because Kenji Miyamoto is helping with the choreography of all the figure skating scenes. Who is Kenji Miyamoto? He is a retired ice dancer that is now a coach and choreographer! That’s why they look so clean and not as robotic as they did in Ginban Kaleidoscope.


Anyways, there’s a lot of great character development involved as well. There were a lot of parts that I found super cheesy, but it was an incredible feel good anime and it always made me feel happy even if I had a bad day, especially on the ice. I remember I had one really bad day on the ice and I couldn’t land any of my jumps. I came home in a rotten mood and watched YOI, torturing myself by watching more figure skating stuff, and by the end of the episode I was crying with happiness at the progress that happened in the anime. I think the reason why YOI resonates so well with me is because I feel a lot like Yuri (Katsuki) in many ways, especially when it comes to my skating skills. Not to mention, I have an idol that I absolutely love and adore in the same way that Yuri admires Viktor. Plus, I was also writing a figure skating novel that my idol, Daisuke Takahashi inspired me to write. I haven’t finished it because I got busy with other things, and when I thought about going back to it, I found out that Daisuke retired and I haven’t had the heart to finish it.

Anyways, all in all, YOI is an incredible anime! There are some scenes that I found absolutely ridiculous, especially what the figure skaters are thinking when they are skating. Honestly, sometimes we think that, but when it comes to JJ…I just wanted to bash my head against my desk. I can’t stand JJ and of course, he just had to be Canadian even though his personality reminds me of a certain retired Russian figure skater…*ahem* Please watch YOI!

Here’s the opening video of YOI and after there’s a video of my favorite figure skater (and always #1 in my eyes, though he’s retired) Daisuke Takahashi.

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