10 Reasons to Try Routine Cream

Routine Cream is the BOMB! I have used almost every natural deodorant under the sun that I could get my hands on. To my dismay, none of them worked like they claimed. After a while, I stuck with one just because I had tried everything else out there and it was the most effective from the pile of trash. However, about a year ago while I was using Instagram, I found a post about Routine Cream. I will admit, the reason why it even caught my attention was that the picture on the packaging was a howling wolf. If you know me, you know that I love wolves. A few months later, I purchased the sample box and tried 12 of their scents. I found a couple that I really liked and my first jar was Bonita Applebom.

I loved Bonita Applebom because of the scent as well as the wolf on the packaging. However, I noticed that using it after shaving my underarms was an itchy nightmare. I couldn’t shave the same day and apply this formula unless I wanted stinging, red, and itchy underarms. In the summer, this wasn’t a good combination. After I finished my first jar, I bought A Girl Named Sue, which is for sensitive skin and with less baking soda than the original formula. The smell is light and there is no baking soda in the formula, so it’s really gentle for underarms. I can apply this after shaving and there’s no stinging, redness, or itching. LOVE IT!

Here are some reasons why you should try Routine Cream’s Natural Deodorants:

  1. All natural ingredients. What’s better than that? There are no harsh chemicals or names that you can’t even pronounce. Everything is natural! From baking soda and corn to shea butter and essential oils. The added bonus is that they have a couple vegan formulas without beeswax as well!
  1. They have a wide variety of deodorants. They have more than just one to cater to people’s diverse preferences. Some smell fruity and some musky, some are for sensitive skin, some with vegan ingredients, unscented, some with baking soda, some with less, and some without.
  1. You can purchase a sample before committing to one. If you’re like me and hate buying a large one only to find you don’t like it, you can buy the sample pack that comes with 12 formulas to try. If you don’t like it, you can keep the deodorant in your purse for emergencies or even use it on your feet! Yes, it’s also a good deodorant for feet!
  1. Made in Calgary, Canada. I love supporting local businesses regardless if they are in Canada or in my city. Let’s all help each other out! Why buy American products when you can get Canadian products or products from your city!
  1. You can buy them online or in-store. I got my sample pack from Well.ca, but I bought my jars from Amaranth Foods. You can check out your local health food stores since most of them carry Routine’s deodorants. You also have the option of purchasing them from the Routine website, Amazon.ca, or Well.ca.
  1. Made by two sisters. What’s better than supporting a local business AND supporting business owners who are women?!
  1. They actually work! After years of searching, I finally found a deodorant that actually works! The essential oils and other natural ingredients work wonders together to block out the smell of sweat. It’s really hot where I work, so this is a MUST.
  1. The glass jars are recyclable! Enough said!
  1. A little goes a long way! The great thing is that you don’t have to use much for the deodorant to work! Less is best!
  1. Give back to the environment and no animal testing. The sisters love animals and the earth, which is why the packaging is 100% recyclable. They also support local, use ethical beeswax, and give a portion of all sales to apiaries and bees for communities, donates a full jar to those who attend Cancer Chic in Calgary, donate to Inglewood Bird Sanctuary, etc.


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