8 Tips on Starting Your Scentsy Business on a Budget

  1. Sign up when the starter kit is around $69. The difference between the kits is that you get smaller testers instead of the full-sized ones. The contents inside vary, but usually you get: a warmer, one bar of wax, catalogues, order forms, a huge product list, showcase brochures, Labels, and a consultant guide.

  3. For the first 70 days you get a discount. You can find this discount in your workstation. Go to Scentsy Family Store and click the First 70 Days/Power Launch. I highly recommend buying the dual-ended mini-spatulas as they make a great hostess gift or gift to your new customers.

  5. See what the Scentsy Family store has first. Take a look around the store and familiarize yourself with what they have. Some of the things in the store are beneficial, like items to brand yourself. I usually check the “closeout” section first to see what they have on sale.

  7. The Dollar Store is your best friend. Honestly, the best place to go for everything else you need: little jewelry bags for samples, you can get pens here, clipboards, sticky notes, etc. I frequently get my sample bags here, gift bags for hostesses, some bows/ribbons to dress up the packaging for your customers, cellophane to wrap up things nicely, treat bags you can use at parties for gifts to guests, thank you cards, etc.

  9. Sign up for coupons at Michael’s. I get a lot of stuff from Michael’s as well, especially during sales like Boxing Week. I stocked up on bows that weren’t too Christmas looking so I can nicely wrap up my customer’s bags. Michael’s has a lot of great decorated plastic gift bags as well that I used for my very first parties (my launch basket party, and my first in-home party).

  11. Use the bar of wax that came in your kit to make samples. If you don’t have a mold or candy mold, you can make felt samples. Get some felt from the dollar store that are either in fun shapes or cut up some strips yourself. Put a couple cubes in your warmer and wait for it to melt, dip the felt inside and let it cool on some aluminum foil. Put them in your sample baggies and make sure to label them with your information (you can use the labels that came in your kit or make your own with Avery Labels  (Buy it here Amazon.ca).

  13. Give out as many samples as you can. I’m not good at talking to random strangers, so any time I eat at a restaurant, fill up with gas, get groceries, or go shopping, I always ask the server/clerk: “Do you like stuff that smells good?” If they say yes, I give them a sample and explain a bit about Scentsy. You can also fold up a product sheet and give them out with your samples. Visuals are important too! The worst they can say is “No.” That’s when I just say “That’s too bad” and move on. You already have to talk to them, so it’s not as uncomfortable.

  15. Get yourself a planner! This is important, especially if you want to do a lot of parties. I’ve only done one in home party and have done a fundraiser as well as done online parties/basket parties. You can get a planner from the dollar store, or get one from Michael’s. I bought mine at Michael’s for less than $12 and it comes with a full month layout and weekly slots and also bought some washi tape (50% off sale) and used it to decorate my planner.


I hope that you found these tips helpful! Please feel free to ask me questions in the comments, or by emailing me.

2 thoughts on “8 Tips on Starting Your Scentsy Business on a Budget

  1. Hey girl! This is suuuch a great post! I’ve heard of Scentsy a few times before, as one of my childhood friends sells them on Facebook! But you have put together such great tips for starting out!!! Hmmm if I ever decide to sell Scentsy, I’ll definitely reference your guide!

    P.S. thanks for your super super sweet comment on my blog! Please let me know if you EVER need anything or have any questions!


    • sakuradaisuki says:

      Thanks so much! :). Scentsy is an awesome company to work for! I love that it’s your own business and you can work as much or as little as you want!

      You are SO welcome! I love watching your success! Your posts actually helped me decide to leave my free WP account and start up my own online blog instead! Thanks again for all your great advice! 🙂

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