How I Decorate My Planner-Find Creative Inspiration

Here are some pictures of how I decorated my monthly planner.
This post contains a lot of pictures, so be careful if you are using your data.


I decided that since it’s the first month of the New Year, that I would add a lot of inspirational words using washi tape.


It is a bit plainer because it’s normally a month where I don’t have a lot of things to do. I used colors that represented the month of “love” to me: pinks, reds, and purples.


It isn’t as busy as January, but I felt really creative. I decorated the edges with a variety of washi tapes to make it more colorful. It’s the month of “spring,” so I wanted to use bright colors to represent spring and make it colorful. I also used different washi tape at the top of the page to remind myself to be grateful for all the things I have. I didn’t write any notes yet because I happened to lose my planner on the train and it took a week to get it back. I’m going to add some notes later on, since I have more things to remember to do near the end of the month.

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