April Scentsy News

April Scentsy News:

It’s a new month and you know what that means, new promotions! Every month, Scentsy releases a few different items that are available for purchase and most are while supplies last!

This month’s deals are:

  • Suzie the Sloth
  • Entwine Warmer
  • Ivy and Water Lily SOTM
  • Fall/Winter Leftovers
Suzie the Sloth:

A cute new buddy for the kids that comes with a Scent Pak of your choice! Every month, while supplies last, a new Scentsy buddy is released. Last Month, we had Bailey the Bunny and she sold out within the first three weeks! If you are interested in Suzie the Sloth, please contact me right away!

Entwine Warmer:

The Entwine warmer is the WOTM (Warmer of the Month). It’s a beautiful warmer with white florals etched around it complete with a green insert. What better way to celebrate spring with a floral warmer in your house?

Ivy and Water Lily Scentsy Bar:

Mandarin, jasmine, and amber are in this April SOTM (Scent of the Month). A beautiful scent that is floral and fresh. Although white, it is a bit strong, so I recommend using one cube first, then add another if it’s not strong enough for you.

Ivy and Water Lily Room Spray:

Does your room need a quick pick-me-up or some extra zest in a pinch? No problem! Ivy and Water Lily room spray is here to save the day! Spritz it in any room for an extra zip of freshness of your favorite scent! Just be careful to not spray it on the walls!

Ivy and Water Lily Scent Circle:

Scent circles are great for cars, purses, gym bags, closets, or any other small spaces that need some freshening up! The great thing about scent circles is that when they run out of scent, you can freshen them up again with the room spray! Just spritz the room spray evenly on the surface of the scent circle, let it air dry, and viola! The circle is as good as new!

Fall and Winter Leftovers:

Did you miss out on ordering your fall/winter scents before they were gone? Have no fear! Check out the list to see if they are still available! Even some Halloween and Christmas leftovers are there and on SALE!




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