Why Hatha Yoga is Good for Beginners

Why Hatha Yoga is Good for Beginners

There are many different types of yoga out there and if you are new, all the different kinds can make you go cross-eyed! So where do you begin? In my opinion, the best yoga for beginners is Hatha Yoga.


The first reason why I believe Hatha Yoga is the best for beginners is that it focuses on posture. If you’re brand new to yoga, you probably don’t know a lot about the different forms that you do in yoga. Hatha Yoga focuses a lot on your posture in certain positions. You maintain the same position for a good number of counts before you move into the next position, which allows you to get a feel for the position before moving into the next.

The nice thing about having that extra time in the position means that you can play around. If it feels strange, you can roll your hips or tilt more to one side, or even lunge deeper. It’s all up to you and your body with what feels good as long as you maintain the basic shape of the position.


The second reason why I think Hatha Yoga is great for beginners is that it also focuses on breathing. One of the most important things in yoga is your breathing. It’s important to breathe in and breathe out during certain movements and at certain times to help ease into the positions naturally. The great thing about Hatha Yoga is that the instructors count the breaths or instruct when to breathe in and when to breathe out. Perfect for beginners.

Easy Positions:

The other reason why Hatha Yoga is great is that most of the positions are great for beginners. Downward facing dog, warrior poses, etc. those are all positions that anyone can do, even if they aren’t as flexible as the instructors. They are basic enough for anyone to do it, which is the perfect place for beginners to start. Over time, you learn new positions as well as become familiar with how your body should feel during each position.

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