How I Adopted a Puppy Named Nimbus

How I Adopted a Puppy Named Nimbus

Five years ago, my dog passed away in my arms. The heartbreak it caused me was so much that I couldn’t even think of getting another dog for four years. Of course, I always wanted another dog, eventually, but the thought of actually getting one was far from my mind. Even to this day I still cry over Pepper when I come across her old things or see her picture on Facebook (no thanks to the memories of things I shared in the past). However, the last little while I just felt like something was missing. I knew deep in my heart that what was missing was a home with a dog in it. I grew up with a dog (Shih-Tzu) and then I adopted my first dog, Pepper, when she was six years old. To have a house without a dog is really strange for me and, even though I have a rabbit, it’s not quite the same.

I missed taking my dog for a walk and playing with them. I missed camping and hiking with a dog, missed all the funny moments, and I especially missed waking up to a sweet pair of loving brown eyes looking up at me every morning from the spot on the floor next to my bed. For a while, I wanted a dog that looked like a wolf, so I found a breed called “Tamaskan.” They are not wolf-dogs, but they do look a lot like one and they are stunning. However, the wait list for them was years in advance and one of the breeders we were talking to had to spay their female due to a positive result in her test. So, I looked online at the humane society, but of course, they had much older dogs and I can’t bear to part with a senior dog so soon after adoption.

Adopt Don’t Shop

That’s when someone mentioned that they adopted their pup from an organization called Pawsitive Match. I filled out the application and received a phone call a few days later! After that, we looked at some pups we liked the looks of online and set up an appointment with the foster to meet the dogs. They really aren’t kidding when they say the dog chooses you. When we arrived, all six of the puppies came towards us, licking and biting our shoes. We sat on the couch and the dog we originally went to visit, Morgan, plopped on the couch next to me, but we had a small surprise. The other puppy that we mentioned we wanted to add to our list to meet, Nimbus, happened to be there and he hopped up on the couch next to us too. He nibbled my ears gently and gave me lots of wet puppy kisses.

After a while, the others pups grew tired of us and scampered off, but Nimbus stayed with us. He stayed on my lap for some time, then went over to my boyfriend’s lap. He stayed there for a bit, then went off to eat. He came back and plopped in my lap again and fell asleep. It was like he was telling us “Hey! Look at me! I’m not adopted yet and I like you!” Obviously, he was set on us and he melted our hearts with his calm demeanor, gentle kisses, and lack of interest in our hair (the other puppies attacked my hair like nobody’s business). The foster mom mentioned how he chose us and we set up a time for him to come to our house to look around and meet my rabbit, Piko.

How Their Meeting Went

Nimbus and Piko danced around each other a bit, but by the end of the meeting, they both went up to the x-pen and touched noses. It was a moment that I won’t soon forget. The moment they finally touched noses was mesmerizing and one of the happiest moments in my life. I had been so worried the night before that they weren’t going to get along and I really wanted to adopt Nimbus. The foster mom was happy with how Nimbus was in our house as well as how Piko and Nimbus reacted to each other, especially at the end of the evening.

The next day, I anxiously awaited for Nimbus’ paperwork to get sent to me so I could fill it out and officially adopt him. By seven p.m that same night, he was in the kennel in the car and on the way to his new furever home. We adopted Nimbus on June 17th, the day before Father’s Day.


When I first saw Nimbus’ name on the website, I nearly shrieked with laughter.  The first thing I thought of was Harry Potter’s first broomstick, the Nimbus 2000. The next thing I pictured was me telling people that my rabbit was riding his Nimbus 2000. The fact that I love Harry Potter and that one of the volunteers named him Nimbus was a huge coincidence, but I will take it.

The next thing that was a coincidence is that before our appointment, we were discussing how we wanted a calm dog that would have enough energy to go on hikes. The coincidence, Nimbus was calm and he has this strange way of flexing his paws (and climbing over his x-pen) that makes us believe he’ll be good at hiking when he’s older.

The other coincidence was when I was signing the adoption papers. His date of birth was listed as the exact same day as my dad and me.

What I’ve Learned So Far:
  • Nimbus is a mommy’s boy and follows me EVERYWHERE, including the bathroom even when I do my business and shower.
  • He’s a ninja dog. He can climb his x-pen and I’ve even witnessed him climbing.
  • He loves to fall asleep in my arms when he’s on his back.
  • He loves sleeping on his back in general
  • Daddy’s dirty socks and Mommy’s dirty underwear are no longer safe from his sharp teeth.
  • He’d rather eat paper, cardboard, and wood than play with the nice toys Mommy and Daddy bought him.
  • He likes to “attack” Mommy and Daddy’s knees and ankles when they are least expecting it.
  • He eats like he’s starving all the time and would probably eat my fingers and arms (oh, wait. He already tries!)
  • His fur is shorter than the purebred German Shepherd because he’s mixed.
  • He likes to grab the tags on his collar and “walk himself” around the house.
  • He’s not as calm as he had us believe…he’s a tornado of energy (especially at 5 in the morning).
  • He loves to sleep on the couch’s end pillows.
  • He’s growing like a weed.
  • He likes to chew my hair and bite my ears.
  • He learns VERY quickly (except where NOT to pee, to leave shoes, undies, socks, and the like ALONE, and to stop chewing Mommy and Daddy).
  • He’s too adorable.
  • Sometimes when he looks at me with his little puppy eyes, I see a glimmer of Pepper looking back at me.
  • He sometimes has a tiny bit of his tongue poking out of his mouth, like he’s sticking his tongue out at me and I have to catch my breath every time because Pepper used to do that all the time.
  • He’s slowly getting better and better at being left alone or in his x-pen when I can’t watch him (showers and sleeping).
  • He’s slowly learning to use the pee pad for #1 and #2, though he sometimes misses. He’s getting there!
  • The word NO means nothing to him, but he’s getting better with the word “STOP,” albeit SLOWLY.
  • I love him to pieces.
  • Piko thinks Nimbus is a weird looking bunny and Nimbus thinks Piko is a strange looking dog.
  • Not to let him run around too much because he’s still building muscle and running or walking for too long/too hard can give him huge problems when he’s an adult due to the stress on his underdeveloped joints and muscles.
  • He doesn’t like to walk much (what?!!!) He’d rather plop down on the grass and chill than walk even five steps.
  • He likes Mommy carrying him around instead of walking (though, when we first got him he was about 10 pounds and now he’s 12…
  • He walks like a wolf pup with his big clownish paws.

How I Adopted A Puppy Named Nimbus…it’s more like, “How A Puppy Named Nimbus Chose Me and Stole My Heart.”

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