Mizuki Beautiful Moon

Mizuki Beautiful Moon by Eren Wiebe
In 2011…

 I wrote my first novel that I EVER finished. For a long time, it didn’t have a name. It wasn’t until I had finished the book that I decided to call it Mizuki Beautiful Moon.

How I got the idea for the book…

2009: Before I went to Japan, I was watching some Japanese dramas, one of them was called Samurai High School. I thought it was really funny, though sometimes cheesy. After that, I forgot about the show as Hana Yori Dango took over my life. I was also writing a story about figure skating that also took up most of my time, but I stopped writing as I lost inspiration for the  book.

After I got back from Japan in 2010, I watched even more Japanese dramas, one of them was Ryoma Den. I was immediately sucked into the world and the rich history that surrounded Japanese legend, Sakamoto Ryoma. I had already heard about the Shinsengumi (from Rurouni Kenshin), and I stumbled across a music video called Kagen no Tsuki  (下弦の月) by Domoto Koichi. In it, he dressed up like Rurouni Kenshin and the music video had a fight scene that sparked the idea of the story. I wrote out some of the plot, but didn’t get around to writing it yet.

University, 2011…

I was taking a lot of Japanese history courses as well as Japanese language courses in university and I was doing a lot of research on samurai. That’s when I learned a lot about the way of samurai (Bushido) as well as learning more about the Shinsengumi. It’s from all that research that I was able to start writing my story in the spring of 2011 after I finished all my final exams.


I always find a picture of someone that helps inspire me and use that picture as my “muse.” I had originally chosen Sato Takeru as my lead character, but I tried to write the first two chapters and they never seemed quite right. That’s when I kept searching and found a picture of one of my favorite actors, Miura Haruma, dressed up as a samurai and I remembered the drama Samaurai High School. I knew he was the perfect fit for my character. Immediately, I snagged all the photos I could find of him playing his character and printed them, pinning them up on my bulletin board next to my computer so I could look at them every day and find inspiration. Thanks to the change in muse, I was able to pour my heart out, spending all my free time writing the novel from early in the morning, to late at night.

September 2011…

I think I finally finished the first draft in September, but because I was starting my fall semester at university, I didn’t have time to look at it again. I became so busy with school that I forgot about my novel.

January 2017

I was laid off from work for a month and had a lot of thinking to do. One of the things that I wanted to try was to publish my writing for the first time. I decided to try out self-publishing first and so, I opened up Mizuki Beautiful Moon and started editing my own novel. It took months for me to finish editing because I eventually went back to work, and I edited through once. Then I went back and reviewed all my notes and finally, I edited it again, but this time I made some changes. When that didn’t work out, I edited it again, and then one more time.

April 9th

I finally finished editing the book on my own birthday and published it the same day. Of course, considering I have a lot of bills to pay now, I can’t afford to pay someone to make a cover for me, so I had to make my own. I know that it’s not the best cover, but I’m hoping one day to either get published by an actual publishing company, or save enough money to splurge and get someone to make me a nice cover.

Synopsis of Mizuki Beautiful Moon

Sadayuki is a samurai and member of the Shinsengumi. On his way back to headquarters, his life changes forever. He is catapulted into the year 2017 where he meets a descendant of his and Elena. Sadayuki and Elena accidentally get transported back to the dangerous Keio era. Can Elena get back to her own time or is she stuck in 1867 forever?

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