How to Save Money Wedding Planning Part Two

If you haven’t read my previous post, please do that first! You can find it here: How to Save Money Wedding Planning.

This post is part two of How to Save Money Wedding Planning!

Step Eleven:

Save the dates. If you aren’t good at using Photoshop or Corel, I recommend searching for a FREE image at Unsplash and then creating a free account at Canva. You can use the template for invitations or even social media and upload the photo you selected. Drag it into the blank space and go crazy!

If you’re not sure what to write, check out Google images or use Pinterest to find the text you find most appropriate for you and your fiance, formal, casual, funny, etc.

Instead of printing them our, buying envelopes, and paying for stamps, I sent them by email. I knew that everyone on my side uses email, so I decided to send them, which help cut on cost a lot! I sent the save the dates in November only because we knew that we wanted to send our invitations in January. We have family overseas, which is why we sent the invitations 8 months before the wedding instead of 2-3. We also wanted everyone to RSVP before we had our catering tasting at the end of April which could potentially help us cut more costs depending on how many people aren’t coming.

Step Twelve:

Florists. The first thing I recommend before you even begin looking for a florist is…you guessed it, PINTEREST! I typed in my wedding colors + bouquet and got some good ideas. I also researched the meaning of each flower and their colors (in flower language) to make sure that the flowers symbolize something that I agree with or want for my wedding. Example: white roses symbolize innocence, purity, and new beginnings, but red roses symbolize love, longing, and desire.

Again, how much are you willing to spend on your bouquet. Do you need more than just one bouquet (for your bridesmaids?) Do you need flowers for the flower girl, decorations, etc? These are also important when looking for a florist and getting quotes.

I only have one female in my bridal party and the other two are male, so I decided to not use bouquets for my wedding party. So far, I only have a bouquet for myself and some mini flowers to decorate the chairs during the ceremony (though that’s still undecided and can later be changed). I have all my flowers picked out with pictures as reference for my florist.

Also, be prepared to pay deposits up front for most vendors. I had to pay a deposit for the venue, florist, and DJ (once we decide for sure on the DJ).

Step Thirteen:

Makeup artists (MUA) and hairstylists. First, use Pinterest (or Google) to get ideas for makeup and hairstyles that you like. That way, you can show your potential MUAs and hairstylists what you are looking for. When searching for an MUA/hairstylist, the best thing to do is use the WeddingWire app or GOOGLE to search for them. Google is your best friend for wedding searches/planning. Go through the portfolios of the MUAs that you like. Look at prices and remember to keep things within your budget.

Finding an MUA and hairstylist is similar to finding a photographer, you have to look at the portfolios and meet them in person to decide whether or not their personality and styles fit with yours, not to mention that their fees match your budget.

TIP!: If you are booking an engagement session with your photographer, I highly recommend using your hairstylist and MUA’s trial version the SAME DAY as your photo shoot. That way, you can see their work in photos ON YOU and decide if it’s what you like. If not, you have time to find another hairstylist/MUA!

This part was really easy for me because I already have a hairstylist that I trust, so I just asked her to do it. I also have a friend who is coming to my wedding that does hair too, so I could have asked her too, but I decided to use my personal hairstylist instead. As for the MUA, I taught a student who is an MUA, so I asked her to do it, which cut my costs down in half (or more!).

Step Fourteen:

Book the DJ! Almost like the photographer, I had to literally email more than ten to get price points. Most of them wanted more than $900 and that was WAY more than I was willing to pay. I don’t actually even want a DJ, but my fiance does because he knows his family would enjoy it, so we decided to go ahead with it. Most of the ones that were within our budget were booked on the day of our wedding, so it took a while longer to find one that wasn’t booked and within our price range.

When we meet DJs, make sure you have a list of questions handy. That way you are prepared and have all the questions you have answered right away.

The DJ we are going with also required a deposit, so we had to pay for that upfront and add it into our budget spreadsheet.

Step Fifteen: 

You don’t have to do the invitations here, you can do it earlier or later. I actually ordered my invitations in November because we wanted to send them in January, as I mentioned earlier. WeddingWire recommends sending them 2-3 months before your wedding.

If you aren’t picky with how they look and want something cheap, you can use Vistaprint. We ordered ours during Black Friday and got 50% off our invitations. We just used one of their invitation templates and customized it to our liking before ordering them. They also came with FEE envelopes, so that saved us some extra money as well!

If you don’t want to pay the full cost of the invites, save them in your portfolio for later and add your email to Vistaprint’s list. That way you are kept in the loop of when they have sales.

My fiance and I looked at invitation designers, but they wanted too much money, which is why we opted for Vistaprint instead. (No affiliate links in this post).

Step Sixteen:

Wedding Party Attire. Since I want to save money, I let my one bridesmaid and the other bridesmen know that they would have to buy their own clothing. My bridesmaid is going to choose her own dress, but with the color I gave her from David’s Bridal Canada. ($1 for one color swatch. USA site here). As for the men, they are going with my fiance and his groomsmen to get ideas on suits and tuxedos for prices and style. If it’s too much, they are just going to wear regular suits with a white shirt and plum purple tie.

Step Seventeen:

Honeymoon destination ideas! Talk about where you’d like to go with your fiance and how long. Go onto travel sites and get an approximate cost for the month of your wedding, or after, and write this down in your spreadsheet or wedding binder. Add your email to their list to be alerted when they have discounts on flights.

Make sure that you have all the necessary documents in order before you book the flight. If you need passports and vaccines, you’ll have to add that to your budget as well.

Step Eighteen – Step ?:

I haven’t gotten that far yet! Stay tuned for updates.


<<Steps 1-17 are only a guideline and do not have to be completed in any specific order, this is just an example of how you can do this. I booked my MUA and hairstylist in October, just after we booked our venue! I like to stay on top of things and get everything out of the way.>>


I hope my How to Save Money Wedding Planning post has been helpful in giving you some ideas on how to save costs in your wedding. Happy Planning!


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