Pre-Wedding Fitness Plan

Welcome to my Pre-Wedding Fitness Plan!

Why My Wedding Fitness Plan is Different from Other Brides

While searching the internet for wedding fitness plans, I realized that most of the plans are designed for brides that want to focus on losing fat, toning muscles, and losing weight. All those things are great, but those aren’t things that I want to focus on for my own personal wedding fitness plan.

How My Wedding Fitness Plan is Different

My wedding fitness plan isn’t designed specifically for losing weight so much as it is designed for staying healthy and keeping off more weight. How is that possible, you ask? Well, read on! I got engaged at the end of August, and I’m getting married at the end of September this year, so I decided that January was a good time to start my wedding fitness plan!

My Plans by Month

January’s fitness plan consists only of 21 days of yoga followed by meditations every single day. I belong to Brett Larkin’s Uplifted Community where we are able to use any of her training plans. For January, she had the 21 days of yoga challenge, which I used for the entire month. Some days I did two classes together with rest days in between, which allowed me to finish the 21 days two days before the end of the month.

<<For a more detailed post check out: January Wedding Fitness Plan coming soon!>>


I joined a 100-day fitness challenge where I have to either do exercise every day or exercise, diet, and meditation. I wanted to do 100 days of exercise, but with how busy I am, it’s hard to do it, even if it’s only doing 15 squats! That’s when I decided to focus mostly on exercise, meditation, and diet for the next 100 days. My exercise consists of 45 minute walks with my dog on the days that I don’t do yoga.

<<More details: February Wedding Fitness Plan coming soon!>>



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