365 Days of Writing Challenge- Day #1

“Write about the weather outside your window, or somewhere you’d like to be.” Well, it’s not outside my window, but it’s something I am looking forward to seeing in the winter.

I haven’t been able to write anything decent for the past two years, so here is my attempt at this writing challenge. Day #1: COMPLETE.

The song I listened to while writing this was:

winter-forest-snow winter-night-blue-shade-trees-snow-covered-cold

She stepped out into the night, bracing herself for the crisp winter air. The first moment she inhaled, she felt the shock of the clean air going through her lungs; there was something about feeling the cool air entering her lungs that she loved, but she couldn’t quite describe the sensation properly. Her breaths came out in front of her in clouds of white. She continued her journey down the snow-covered pathway and looking up at the snowy trees, which had some snow occasionally plopping down onto the pathway. The trees surrounded the pathways and were growing so close together that they seemed to make an A-shaped roof over her head. Since the trees were bare, she could catch glimpses of the pale moonlight shining through them, causing everything to illuminate in a pale blue color.

She inhaled deeply feeling the rush of cool air entering her lungs, nearly making her cough. She wrapped her arms around herself even though she wasn’t cold. She continued moving forward losing track of time as she became lost in her thoughts. She hadn’t realized how far she had gone until the pathway ended and she suddenly stumbled upon a clearing that appeared to come to a cliff. She made her way forward, basking in the moonlight’s beautiful glow. When she approached the cliff, she caught her breath in surprise. There, in front of her lay the valley of the forest. She had never been here before and there was something almost elusive about the scene before her.

A river ran through the middle and there were mountains on either side of the valley, covered with snowy trees leading all the way down. Closer to the river there was a clearing, and it was in this clearing that she could finally see the magic that the moonlight cast upon the land, for in that moment, it started to snow. The light from the moon reflected off the snowflakes, causing them to twinkle like tiny diamonds floating downwards. The entire ground near the lake was flat and snowy, but the snow there also glistened in varying shades of blue. It was as if she had stumbled upon a forest covered in diamonds.

She released the breath that she had been holding, realizing how quiet everything actually was out here compared to the city. There were no sounds of ambulances, police cars, traffic, or even trains. In fact, there were no sounds at all. It was as if everything in the forest was asleep, which wasn’t surprising as it was near one in the morning. The girl reveled in the silence of the forest as well as the glittering snow in front of her for a moment longer. She raised her gaze heavenward and was mesmerized by the way the snow fell, landing on her face gently with a momentary cold embrace before she could feel them melting into water.

It was no wonder why people said that a week camping out in the wilderness could repair any amount of stress. There was something cathartic about being in the wild, at least, to her there was. It had only taken two days for her to feel more at ease than she had felt in the last two years. Just as she was about to turn away, she heard the distinct howl of a wolf, awakening a chorus of other howls from wolves that sounded as if they were surrounding her because of the sounds bouncing off the mountains. She smiled to herself as the sounds pierced through her heart, chipping away at the final piece that she needed to free her heart from its constraints.